Beloved, if you have suffered from trauma, big or small, you would have evolved in a certain way. Having gone through trauma, you learn to adapt in a maladaptive way. So this means you would have created a way of responding, reacting and being that isn’t your authentic self. You will also find it easy to create trauma bonds with others. This simply means that you feel comfortable with someone who’s also experienced trauma because, as they say, birds of a feather flock together. Trauma bonds can help you to learn and grow but they can also create a lot of toxicity, henceforth the need to be mindful of who you are attracting into your life.

Some people become very comfortable in their trauma, not always their fault because they have become so accustomed to being a certain way and they know no different.. They may sit in it and live from that space of trauma identifying themselves as that person who has been traumatized. For example, if you suffered sexual abuse you may be someone who is very promiscuous. You may also be a people pleaser, don’t speak up for yourself, lack confidence, have many insecurities, feel less than and not good enough, all these can be caused from different types of neglect and trauma as well as the human conditioning. But is that really you? Or is that the trauma acting out? This is why it is good to consider, Who am I without my trauma? Who would I have been if I hadn’t been traumatized in this way? BE CURIOUS.

Hence the importance of releasing all your traumas. Now, as humans, we are all going through something, the collective consciousness is going through a great healing process. So much is coming up for us that we all have to look at individually and collectively. Ridding yourself of your trauma will help you to see who you truly are and will help you to remember who you truly are. You will begin to see beyond the veil of the human condition. You are a divine being created from love and if you are not operating in this way, it means you are acting out in your traumas. Beloved, recognize the fact that you are a great and beautiful soul and you have to rid yourself of your traumas in order that you can walk this earth as a divine being; the god/goddess is who you truly are. You are not your traumas or the conditioning that you have received. And this is the time to take action, cleanse your mind, body and soul.

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