Welcome to 2023

All planets are going direct now, what a great time to align yourself and really move forward in your life.

No one gets to define you beloved. Is it time to reinvent yourself? Have you been labelled by others; parents, teachers, bosses? Have you adapted your authentic self to fit into a made up version of who others want you to be? Is it becoming exhausting trying to be someone you’re not? If so you’re likely suffering ill health, anxiety and struggling with aspects of your life, be it relationships, your work life and your purpose.

Beloved, do yourself a favour and implement radical self-love and ditch that version and let your true self shine through for the world to see. This requires dedication, self compassion and courage. Reinvent yourself and watch the miracles happen. Even though we say reinvent what we actually mean is remember who you truly are.

Ask yourself:

1. Who am I really?

2. What parts of me do I hide from the world and ponder why?

3. Was I shut down as a child? 

4. Was I called too much, too intense, too sensitive?

I remember being told “you know too much”. Imagine grown ups telling a child that! Remember children are closer to source energy and come through the vortex with knowledge and wisdom. Unfortunately parents can sometimes feel intimidated by a child like this especially unhealed parents. Sadly parts of me became hidden because I had to honour my parents which felt quite confusing. I’ve always said that my children have been my greatest teachers. They helped me to do and be better. Are you humble enough to learn from your children or does false pride get in your way?

Beloved 2023 is the year of the GREAT AWAKENING. Be ready for huge shifts in your life by opening your hearts to what the universe wants for you; remember it is always conspiring for your greatest good, you just need to trust and surrender. I am planning great things for my followers so please ensure you read future newsletters so you don’t miss out.. Sending you love and light.

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