The solar eclipse was a very important time for us here on planet earth. It brought in new light energy to raise the vibration for planet earth and for us too. These energies are helping us ascend into a new dimension where we will be focused more on the heart energy. This is a powerful time of cleansing, healing and transformation.

How have you found this time? Have you embraced this new energy? Is it helping you transform? I myself have had a time of shifting and transforming, it’s not been plain sailing as my energy field adjusts and embracing this shift. Within this time I have been called upon by my guides to channel this important message which I am sharing with you:

We are heading for a time of destruction, destruction of the human race as we know it. It is time for great changes to occur. Do not be scared if you are on the right path you will survive. Humanity is heading into a new dimension, one where all things heart centred and spiritual will be at the forefront. It is time for this change to happen; it is time to keep up with this change.

Who are you? What do you do? Are you ready and willing to do the work, the inner work? You need to be otherwise you will end up crazy; you will not fit into the new world order of things. You cannot afford to not listen to this message; YOU cannot afford to ignore this message. It is in your best interest. We come with good news too. We are here to help you attain this higher vibration; we are here to help you heal. You only need call on us and we are there in a swift. You can call on us anytime day or night. We are waiting patiently for your call. We are spirit and we will do what we have to do to make these changes happen. It is spoken, it is divine. It will be done regardless.

Many of you are not even aware of this transition, we laugh because so much has been going on right in front of your face; we laugh because it is clear as day. You are being brain washed, you are being dumbed down. Stop eating the crap, stop watching the crap, stop reading and listening to the crap. Cleanse Cleanse Cleanse is what we ask of you, If only you would do this, for yourselves. Are you not tired of the way things are on this planet? Do you not want change? Who are you waiting on for change? Be the change yourselves. It is within your power to make this change collectively.

You cannot rely on anything outside of you, apart from this collective consciousness that you are a part of, can you not see that collectively you are the ones causing this chaos? Stay in your negative mind-sets and you will see how detrimental this will be to your human race. You will regret even coming down to this planet. This planet is in dire straits. You have to make the difference; it is for you to do what you have to do.

We spirit are here to help you, we can guide you, we can help you but we will not do it for you. Call on us, call on your ancestors too, so many of your ancestors need healing too. They will heal through your healing. Go and heal thyself beloved. Raise that vibration and get your connection right with source energy. You are powerful more than you ever know, it is time you reconnect and realise your potential. Human!?? You are not just human, oh my goodness me, what are you thinking? Oh you are not thinking straight, you are in a coma, come out of this sleep. Get your consciousness out of the gutter. You are so much more than you think you are. We have spoken.

We have spoken and we are becoming agitated with your non engagement and your nonchalance, stop stop stop and get on board this freight train before it crashes with you on it. We are here for you, let us help you. We want planet earth to come out of the quagmire; we are feeling sick for you. How and why would you want to live in this state? You are capable and worthy of so much more. It is time.

Love is the key. Love, love love. You need more love for SELF. By loving self more you will have a greater capacity to love others unconditionally. The love energy is the most powerful; it is this energy that creates. Let us all work together to create more love energy on this planet. You are more than capable. Work on thyself first and foremost and then let the changes begin. It is time and we have spoken.

Who are we? We are a collective of spirits called the Reincarnation of the Divine Illuminous Souls. We have channelled this message via Yvonne J Douglas – Starseed of the constellation Pleiades

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