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I have been inspired to write this blog after hearing a talk about the value of time.  Time is precious; more precious than money.  You can always make more money but you can never get your time back. I always say; its time or money; they are both necessary commodities.  Time is a gift.

So how do you use your gift?  Do you use it wisely or do you squander this precious commodity?  We all get 24 hours in each day.  Do you waste a lot of your time doing meaningless things, being dis-organised and distracted from reaching your goals?

To be a person of purpose you need to be organised, set goals, be on purpose and develop your natural given gifts.  You are here for a purpose and the world needs you to be at your best.   Here are a few tips of how you can use your time wisely:

Focus on positive things

Take time out to develop your gifts and talents

Personal development should be a priority

Read books that expand your mind

Spend time in the company of positive people who are genuine and moving forward

Take time out for relaxation of mind, body and soul

When considering an activity ask yourself,” how will this benefit me”?

Don’t allow yourself to be distracted with trivial things

Set yourself goals, write them down and give yourself a deadline

Meditate for at least 10 minutes a day

Have fun

Focus on the lessons of any given situation

So let’s use our time wisely and make a difference.  See the miracles happen.  Love & Light

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