“I confirm. I’m the one Yvonne saved from dying on Friday and I’ll never thank her enough. I’m still speechless from what happened… You all have no idea… But Yvonne is the most powerful shaman I’ve met. She could have given up after an hour… But she was persistent for 3 hours though it was very intense. If I’m still here breathing it’s because of the power of her mind, Divine gifts and incredibly honourable heart. I recommend her to everyone and for everything she practices.”



“You’re amazing Yvonne and I can’t wait to finish your books! Sisters, I highly recommend you to go to her highly vibrational events in London. Thanks to her, I’m reconnecting with my ancestors after finally opening up about my own old channeling experiences I kept inside for too long because of fear! Today I am embracing my own intuition on a so much deeper level and using my gifts to follow my calling.

I recommend her to everyone and for everything she practices.

Yvonne J Douglas So much love for you.”

Lola C. Williams

“I had a much-needed energy healing session with Yvonne which helped me to shift some things I’d been holding in my body (which was causing me pain).
Yvonne is a great listener, with a warm and nurturing spirit. You can tell that she loves her work and is 100% present and there to guide you.
Yvonne began with what I thought was an informal chat, but this part of the session was just as important to identifying the root issues of my symptoms. During the healing session I could literally feel the energy block moving out of my body which was a little intense but I felt safe in Yvonne’s hands.
Afterwards Yvonne suggested some oils and tinctures to support the healing process. Very grateful.
For anyone on this (sometimes lonely) spiritual path, I’d highly recommend Yvonne as a coach for spiritual counsel or healing therapy sessions.”

Christine Andrew

“Yvonne is an amazing inspirational woman who radiates love, light and harmony. She is truly gifted and spiritual and I feel in the presence of greatness which allowed me to open up and dig deep.
I highly recommend working with Yvonne and look forward to engaging with her further.”

This is a picture from The Healing Sanctuary which took place in March.

Powerful breakthroughs and permanent transformations took place here. Book your space here to be a part of the next Healing Sanctuary.


End of an era

“Although today was the end of an era it was also the beginning of me stepping out on my own two feet (no pun intended) Thanks to @yvonne.j.douglas for being my amazing therapist and spiritual guidance counsellor for the last two years. Thank you for guiding me and helping me be a better version of myself so I can be a better podiatrist and business Owner. I can only give my best when I’m operating and vibrating at highest and my sessions with @yvonne.j.douglas has enabled this. Thanks for helping me claim what’s mine and walk in my authenticity.”

More words from my clients..

Thank you for having created this safe space for me to share the hardest yet most transforming parts of my healing journey from mental, physical plus spiritual health and how you saved my life beginning of February. Since this recording I got certified and found my truest purpose, soul family, love, aligned business ideas and I'll soon be moving to my soul's home. Grateful for having you in my life. I wouldn't be able to help people if you didn't help me.
I was keen to experience Sekhem healing as it is something that I had not had before, and I was expecting to feel more relaxed because my life has been very stressful of late. I felt an enormous sense of release; I feel energies very strongly, and I felt a constant heat when you were working on various parts of my body. After the session, I felt very light, as if a load had been lifted from me, and I feel more grounded in my body energy. I gained the opportunity to satisfy my curiosity about Sekhem, I felt an enormous feeling of ease, and I felt as if a stress baggage had been cleared. I had a positive experience from the Sekhem healing work.
I went to see Yvonne some time ago as I needed some guidance on a particular issue. Yvonne made me feel comfortable and put me at ease. I didn't really know what to expect, but Yvonne's calm voice and manner made me relax and just go with the flow. Yvonne did some energy healing on me and I could really feel the heat from her hands as she placed them near certain points on my body. As my eyes were closed, I couldn't see what she was doing, but I really could feel the heat and she wasn't actually touching me! Then we went through the cards, and I must admit I did receive the guidance I needed from the cards and it really surprised me how accurate they were. I left feeling positive and confident that I will better handle my situation and from the answers I got from the cards, I now know what I need to do to move forward. Thanks Yves.
I can honestly say that the coaching sessions which I took with Yvonne actually changed me as a persona and my life around completely. I went to my first session with Yvonne as a lost, confused, emotional and struggling individual totally overwhelmed by life and I left my last session totally revitalised with boldness, passion and a purpose in life again. I truly believe that the opportunities and changes which have come my way since my sessions are as a result of Yvonne's great coaching. Yvonne is such a treasure and truly a real professional, she catered to meet my needs and always worked around me and what I was comfortable with in order to achieve the results which we have. The whole experience has been empowering, revitalising, rewarding and one of the best things I could have ever done. Thank you Yvonne xxxx
I was feeling very emotional, not knowing where I wanted to go with work also in my personal life. I wanted to find answers so I attended Your Soul Discovery, two day course. I felt very nervous, not knowing what to expect. However, it has made me feel more relaxed. I feel so much better about myself. It has opened me up more, also I have come to the stage where I realise that I can move forward in my life. It has allowed me to open up the emotions that were going on inside of me. I am very pleased that I attended the course and I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who feel they cannot find answers; who feel stuck and need to break free from dysfunctional relationships. I no longer feel confused and I feel that the meditation relaxes me more.
Before attending Yvonne's Your Soul Discovery workshop I was struggling to understand why I was unable to sustain a healthy, loving relationship. During the workshop, I uncovered and healed three major core beliefs that were really holding me back in my life and business. I also released a lot of pent up anger, sadness and frustration and learned a lot about myself and having really healthy boundaries. After the workshop I have been able to really stand for myself and what I want in a loving, powerful way. I truly feel empowered to ask for what I want and create the life I want, totally knowing that I am worthy, deserving and loveable. Yvonne is an utterly amazing transformational facilitator and healer. If you are looking for an understanding, loving, non-judgemental healer and coach.
Mary Jane
I found Your Soul Discovery Seminar very useful. Yvonne is a very good coach and I would recommend her to friends/family. Yvonne has helped me find who I am and not to be afraid to say what I want. She has helped me with dealing with my emotions.
I'm doing good and better. I was really thinking to send you a message just to say thank you for your golden posts on your wall they were inspirational and they were medicine to heal a person in depression. I was struggling with my thought to become back to positive and was stick to Facebook posts on positive thinking and I am improving my internal peace though the things that caused this problem didn't change at all. But I'm finding some positive signs that will be positive result soon. And if I go out of this problem completely my big dream will become true. Yvonne, you even don't know me but you were my best friend through advising me with your posts. . I really appreciate that, at least I know you who change the impossible into possible, so you are my example.
Yunis Ali
Before working with Yvonne, I was afraid to really be myself. I was finding it a challenge to express myself fully in my business and life. During the session with Yvonne, I understood the cause of my fear and feeling of being unsafe, and neutralised the emotions at the root cause. After the session, I feel safe and free and totally able to be myself. I feel like the old beliefs and stories have been removed and rewritten and I can move forward in a life of my own choosing. Yvonne is a compassionate, supportive therapist and a wonderful partner in getting rid of the beliefs and stories that keep us from being fully ourselves. Our minds shape our behaviour, Yvonne can definitely guide us all to reprogram our minds, remove unhelpful beliefs and ultimately change our behaviour.
Mary Jane Bolhost
I had about 6 sessions with Yvonne Douglas last year, I have been suffering with chronic pain in my neck and back for nearly 2 years, I am a PA in a big corporate company and I was very stressed out with my job and think this has caused a lot of my problems. This made me feel really depressed and tearful as I had a lot of medical advice but nobody could help me, so after seeing Yvonne I have learned to deal with the pain on a daily basis and my stress levels have calmed down and I am a lot more positive and focused and enjoying life a lot more. Would highly recommend Yvonne, she has really helped me.
Sam East