Here are some of the pictures from The Healing Sanctuary which took place in March. Powerful breakthroughs and permanent transformations took place here. Contact us at Yvonne@yvonnejdouglas.com to be a part of the next Healing Sanctuary.


Excellent. If you want real change then come here! It will transform your life.

HannanaAttendee of The Healing Sanctuary

This experience has been a great inspiration towards my journey. I learnt a great deal during my weekend stay. The hosts were a dream to be around.

PauletteAttendee of The Healing Sanctuary

One of the most profound, engaging, challenging experiences I’ve ever had in my life. It has helped me on so many levels, emotionally, spiritually, physically and mentally. I’ve now opened my eyes to see me and accept me to live the life I want. I’ve finally crossed the road to the right path!!

LindaAttendee of The Healing Sanctuary

An amazing weekend with amazing women. We connected and grew together. We had to push ourselves and be truthful which helped us reach results. Choices which I refused to make at the start of the week which would help to heal me, I committed to make by the end of the week due to looking deep and realising what I needed to do for me, to be able to move forward and help myself. Going on this weekend has been one of the best decisions I have made in my life. I look forward to what the future holds as I start my new journey. Many thanks.

ChristineAttendee of The Healing Sanctuary

I had about 6 sessions with Yvonne Douglas last year, I have been suffering with chronic pain in my neck and back for nearly 2 years, I am a PA in a big corporate company and I was very stressed out with my job and think this has caused a lot of my problems.
This made me feel really depressed and tearful as I had a lot of medical advice but nobody could help me, so after seeing Yvonne I have learned to deal with the pain on a daily basis and my stress levels have calmed down and I am a lot more positive and focused and enjoying life a lot more. Would highly recommend Yvonne, she has really helped me.

SamSatisfied Client

I was feeling very emotional, not knowing where I wanted to go with work also in my personal life. I wanted to find answers so I attended Your Soul Discovery, two day course. I felt very nervous, not knowing what to expect. However, it has made me feel more relaxed. I feel so much better about myself. It has opened me up more, also I have come to the stage where I realise that I can move forward in my life. It has allowed me to open up the emotions that were going on inside of me. I am very pleased that I attended the course and I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who feel they cannot find answers; who feel stuck and need to break free from dysfunctional relationships. I no longer feel confused and I feel that the meditation relaxes me more. Yvonne presented the course in an excellent way and made me feel welcome and at ease. It was easy to open up and Yvonne made me feel that the course was for me to learn about myself and who I am.

ClaudetteAnother Satisfied Client
Mary Jane

Before attending Yvonne’s Your Soul Discovery workshop I was struggling to understand why I was unable to sustain a healthy, loving relationship. During the workshop, I uncovered and healed three major core beliefs that were really holding me back in my life and business. I also released a lot of pent up anger, sadness and frustration and learned a lot about myself and having really healthy boundaries.
After the workshop I have been able to really stand for myself and what I want in a loving, powerful way. I truly feel empowered to ask for what I want and create the life I want, totally knowing that I am worthy, deserving and loveable.
Yvonne is an utterly amazing transformational facilitator and healer. If you are looking for an understanding, loving, non-judgemental healer and coach Yvonne is the one.

Mary Jane Satisfied Customer

I found Your Soul Discovery Seminar very useful. Yvonne is a very good coach and I would recommend her to friends/family. Yvonne has helped me find who I am and not to be afraid to say what I want. She has helped me with dealing with my emotions.

MelSatisfied Customer

I had six life coaching sessions with Yvonne; at the beginning I was fearful of the future and what it was going to do to me, by the final session I was enjoying my life today and looking forward to things to come. Yvonne went through all of this with me with a guiding hand and patience

ClaireSatisfied Client

Before working with Yvonne, I was afraid to really be myself. I was finding it a challenge to express myself fully in my business and life.
During the session with Yvonne, I understood the cause of my fear and feeling of being unsafe, and neutralised the emotions at the root cause.
After the session, I feel safe and free and totally able to be myself. I feel like the old beliefs and stories have been removed and rewritten and I can move forward in a life of my own choosing.
Yvonne is a compassionate, supportive therapist and a wonderful partner in getting rid of the beliefs and stories that keep us from being fully ourselves. Our minds shape our behaviour, Yvonne can definitely guide us all to reprogram our minds, remove unhelpful beliefs and ultimately change our behaviour.

MJAnother Satisfied Client

I can think of so many times re : my failed marriages and relationships whereby I did not listen to my intuitition, as your book discusses. It was written so interestingly. Yvonne I have read a lot of self help books but your writing captivated my senses

DWAnother Satisfied Client
Maxine T

When we had the session the other day, something changed. It felt as though I was opened up, initiated somewhat, into another world, another place, another dimension almost. I remember when I came out of the mediative trance (not quite sure why I’m calling it that), I immediately noticed that the trees were brighter, the grass greener, the sky bluer. I also understand the hidden meanings and symbols associated with buildings. It had always been on the periphery of my subconscious before, but something’s changed. I can only refer to it as a “re-activation”. It’s the first time that I’m actually acknowledging all of this… Hence the reason I have a guide like you who I trust. Otherwise i’d be forever a sceptic. I understand much clearer now. Thank you. You are amazing.

Maxine T

I’ve been to many meditation sessions and this is one of the most intense one’s I had. Yvonne was amazing! And her voice was really calming too. Would highly recommend her.

Sekhem Energy Client

Lovely sensations, similar to Reiki, but I cannot describe how I felt the energy more around my body and a lot of tingling. I saw colours and shapes. Ar the end I felt my energy field was balanced.

Sekhem Energy Client
Sekhem Energy Client

Amazing! Feel rejuvinated and energised but also incredibly calm and relaxed. Very powerful!

Sekhem Energy Client
Sekhem Energy Client

A very profound and powerful healing. Even before it started Yvonne was giving off a very powerful and clear energy like being surrounded by crystals. I felt chakras opening and had a lot of amazing imagery. Highly recommended.

Sekhem Energy Client

Thank you for all of the lovery energy healing, You are truly amazing.

Sekhem Energy Client

A very calming and relaxing experience. I felt lots of good energy. Will come again. Thank you.

Sekhem Energy Client
Sekhem Energy Client

Amazing experience! I Felt very relaxed and grounded. Warm personality. Will definitely keep in touch. Thank you!

Sekhem Energy Client
Viola C

Healing meditation works. I recommend it to those who’s into these kind of things. I done all 8 classes and I’ve changed a huge amount. Yvonne can confirm this. Each class was full of high vibrations. I could feel vibrational healings working through parts of my body on different occasions, it was a strange feeling at first; e.g. my first class was to do with grounding yourself and I kid you not, I felt like the ground was pulling me into the earth, it was weird. Another class my legs wouldn’t stop vibrating and I even tried to stop it, as I did that it got worse so I just let it flow naturally, it slowed down on its own after a while, it was just funny as I couldn’t control my body; I guess healing needed to be done. After all 8 sessions on the last class was very emotional I let out a lot. I’m glad I experienced what I did, also I met some great people at the end of my journey, thanks again.

Viola C
Jacqueline B

I have often struggled with meditation and had not benefited from the true ability to delve into the inner realms. My experiences were vast during the meditations and the interpretations and group discussions after are priceless and have led to me being able to make some transformational decisions in my life. Thank you for doing these courses and for being able to facilitate the experience in a safe and secure environment….I must add it really did attract people with the most amazing energy and the healing aspect of the meditations appear to be ongoing. I would recommend these sessions wherever you are at in your life….it is a really good part of any self-care and self-love

Jacqueline B
Nadine D

I didn’t expect much as I felt like it would just be a relaxing meditation, however, I had a different experience each time I attended. The most memorable was seeing, what I later realised was, my spirit body on top of myself. After which I felt so cleansed and purified during the visualisations that Yvonne asked us to do. I will definitely be going back as I know there is more work I should be doing on myself. The environment and energy in the space is so great that you feel safe to explore whatever needs exploring. I would highly recommend these healing editations for anyone who is looking to understand themselves on a higher level and to release any blockages that is stopping them from being at peace within themselves.

Nadine D