I can help with

Soul's purpose

Start living your soul’s purpose to your highest potential!
Get clarity on and manifest your souls purpose; See and embrace a bigger vision; Create your own business based on your passion and talents; Career transition

Open yourself up to love and abundance; Unleash your creative genius; Increase your self-worth and value; Become receptive to the law of attraction; Ask and it shall be given

Relationship with self and others

Activate your soul’s powers and live your best life!

The power of connection; Foster healthier relationships; Self-mastery; Intuitive development; Living a spiritual life; Connecting with your spirit guides; The power of meditation

Personal transformation and healing

Move beyond surface healing & get to the root for real and lasting transformation!

Overcome subconscious blocks; Clear emotional trauma; Release fears and frustrations Heal ancestral DNA; Embrace your sensitive soul; Be authentically YOU

I can help with

This is a retreat that will cater to all your senses, both physical and spiritual. You will be taken through an initiation of life. Your soul will truly thank you for this phenomenal experience where you will come away feeling like a new woman, fully present in your true essence. You will now be fully aligned with your soul’s purpose and ready to fulfill that purpose. You will ignite your divine feminine energy and your inhibitions will leave you. As you reclaim your feminine divinity you will finally be ready to sing and dance to your own innate rhythm feeling like a divine goddess in her true power. A truly transformational experience.
For further information on what is included on this retreat and how you can reserve your space please contact us..

Rites of passage ceremonies are finding their way back into modern living.  This ancient tradition lovingly guides us through each stage of our life cycle so that we feel fully prepared to step into the next phase of our life.  Even a woman of any age can attend the First Blood Ceremony if she has not done so before.  I attended one a few years back, honouring my younger self as she transitioned into womanhood; it was a very liberating and beautiful experience and something I would highly recommend for the divine feminine.  These ceremonial workshops will take place in either Hemel Hempstead or London. Please check out the events section of this website for details and booking. Check out our events and Book HERE 


Join Yvonne, The Starseed Alkhemist, who will be addressing an audience, calling on her multitude of Guides from spirit and will speak directly to your soul in order to assist you in gaining clarity and hearing your truth. You will be deeply touched and moved from this experience with Yvonne in conversation with spirit. A quarterly event with an audience for those of you seeking guidance to connect with your higher self, courage to look within and heal your wounds so you can move forward into your divine purpose.

During my time walking in purpose I have touched the hearts and souls of my audience.

I have spoken at various events offering inspirational messages of hope and a compass on how to transform one’s life.
My passion about ascension and embracing our divine sovereignty transcends time and space. My speaking will not only inspire and motivate you, it will get you laughing a little too. Those that have heard me speak report that my aura alone helps bring about changes within them. To book me for public speaking please get in contact.

Your home or your place of business carries energies, sometimes affecting your ability to feel at ease, concentrate and feel safe.

Creating a clear space is vital for our well-being. If you feel dense energies in your space then you can book me to clear and cleanse your space leaving it feeling light, vibrant, more inviting and relaxing.