I see people holding back their tears, I hear people apologising for crying. I overhear people being reprimanded for being too sensitive. I see people ruin their lives through addiction because they struggle to own their feelings. I’ve witnessed children being shut down because their parents can’t handle their own emotions much less nurture their child’s emotions. There are so many people rejecting their emotions and not able to manage them because of the above. So many sensitive souls not being their authentic self because of the messages they have received from others.

This has to STOP. It makes me very angry to witness how sensitive souls are treated and then very sad to see how they then end up, e.g. in active addiction; sensitive souls supressing their emotions at all costs. As a child I was teased for being what others’ thought was “too sensitive”, as a result I supressed my true feelings and judged myself, thinking that there was something wrong with me for feeling things intensely. This led to food addiction which cushioned me and somehow assisted me in managing my emotions. However, I was not really managing them properly, how could I have, if the food was cushioning the full intensity of my emotions? Many others use alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex, over-thinking and even more to supress their emotions, all of which are very harmful to the individual.

Sensitive souls are a gift to this planet, without them this place would be even more hateful and out of balance than it already is. We are now faced with an epidemic of issues that derive from sensitive souls not embracing their authentic self. This includes not just addiction, but mental breakdowns, depression, anxiety, bipolar to name a few. Then we have the physical ailments that are known as psychosomatic illness which are the last manifestation of issues not resolved on a psychological, emotional and spiritual level.

Sensitive souls were created in a profound way; it is their natural genetic make-up. No-one has the right to tell you, you’re too sensitive and if people in your life cannot handle your sensitive nature that’s their issue, not yours. It is time that you as a sensitive soul start to embrace your sensitive nature and not allow anyone to make you feel guilty about your beautiful sensitive soul. My guidance to all sensitive souls is to tell those who do have an issue to mind their own business and stop questioning the creation of such a beautiful soul. My advice to non-sensitive souls is to stop making sensitive souls feel as if there is something wrong with them, to respect the difference and just accept that we are not all created in the same way.

When you start to embrace your sensitive nature you will realise that you are wonderfully made and that there is much power in your emotions. Once you embrace them you will then be able to manage them. At first it may seem overwhelming and rightly so, because for years you have not been allowing them the freedom to be expressed. It is a process and you will get to the point where your emotions can be well managed instead of them controlling you and you then having emotional outbursts. It is time to stop judging yourself for being emotional, time to be comfortable with who you are and stand up as a sensitive soul who has as much right to be here and has the right to express your emotions without fear of judgement or criticism.

I am so passionate about this that I am forming a sensitive soul revolution, join me by connecting with me on social media and become part of my tribe, divine masculine as well as the divine feminine are welcome. The world needs us to be authentic in order that more harmony and balance takes hold on this planet. It’s ascension time and with it comes changes for the greater good of humanity. Please share this message with a sensitive soul who needs to hear this message.

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