Yvonne J Douglas

High Priestess of the Temple of Auset & Official Sacred Celebrant


Sacred Celebrant

As a Sacred Celebrant, I am qualified to oversee handfasting (wedding), naming and passing over ceremonies as well as leading funeral services. It fills me with much joy to be a Sacred Celebrant, holding such a beautiful and sacred space for people at the most precious times in their lives. Each ceremony will incorporate traditional and cultural rituals that will include your loved ones, making it a loving family affair. 

Our ancestors used ritual and ceremony in practically everything they did and, as a Shamanic Practitioner & Sacred Celebrant, I will incorporate the four directions of air, fire, water, and earth.  All these elements will form part of each ceremony detailed below, connecting us all to the beaty and power of nature.

In addition to the main ceremonies, I am incorporating ceremony and ritual into some of my healing work; as such I now offer retreats and rites of passage workshops in this sacred way. With each and every ceremony, my aim is to provide a sacred space of collaboration, commitment and support. I am here to bring you your bespoke ceremony, one that will be held forever in your heart.

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Handfasting ceremony This beautiful ceremony, where two people come together in love and unity, can be held outdoors or indoors. This ancient ceremony is where the phrase ‘tying the knot’ originates and was the legal way in which our ancestors became legally married. (Please note you will need to have a registry office service if you wish to be legally married)

I will lovingly hold your hands from your first consultation right until the day itself.  At your consultation, we will discuss all your needs and preferences for the ceremony.  I will provide the necessary equipment for the ceremony; any additional requirements can be discussed during the consultation.  If you wish to book a renewal of vows, that is also offered. To book a consultation, please give me a call on 07415834579 or email


When a new-born enters into this earthy realm, the name we give them carries its own vibration, hence names are extremely important.  Honouring our new souls with a naming ceremony is such a beautiful, loving and potent event, grounding them into this reality and speaking love and inspiration into their very existence and soul’s purpose.  I will provide the necessary equipment for the ceremony. 

Variations of this ceremony are also lovingly offered, so if you wish to reclaim your cultural name, your maiden name or take on a new name that you feel fits your new identity, I am at your service. To book a consultation, please give me a call on 07415834579 or email me at admin@yvonnejdouglas.com

Grief can feel very painful and it is important that we are able to celebrate and honour the life of our loved ones that have passed over.  In the passing over ceremony I hold the space for up to 25 people who wish to remember their loved one and help send them off into the land of the ancestors.  In this ceremony, each person will be given an opportunity to speak about the different aspects of their loved one according to the  four elements.  This ceremony is very powerful yet gentle allowing your loved one to pass on freely to the land of the ancestors ready for the next phase of their soul’s journey.  This can be preceded or followed by the funeral service, whichever suits you. To book a consultation, please give me a call on 07415834579 or email me at @y


A funeral service is a beautiful way to say goodbye to your loved one.  It’s the time for the community to come and also pay their respects.  I will lead your funeral service, guided by you. This can be booked as a stand alone or as a package with the passing over ceremony.

To book a consultation, please give me a call on 07415834579 or email me at admin@yvonnejdouglas.com

Coming soon.  These retreats will be based outside of London in the countryside so we can connect with nature.  On the first day, we will open the space with welcoming in the 4 elements and set our intentions for the duration of the retreat.  You will be lovingly guided by myself and specially chosen credentialed facilitators, through various healing ceremonies.  Included in the retreat will be daily yoga and meditation; massage and energetic healings will also be available. If you want a womb blessing or want to let go of the old and welcome in the new you plus more, then these retreats are perfect. If you are interested in attending our retreats where I collaborate with some incredible facilitators please get in touch and/or sign up to my email list where you will be kept up to date on our upcoming retreats. Sign up here

Rites of passage ceremonies are finding their way back into modern living.  This ancient tradition lovingly guides us through each stage of our life cycle so that we feel fully prepared to step into the next phase of our life.  Even a woman of any age can attend the First Blood Ceremony if she has not done so before.  I attended one a few years back, honouring my younger self as she transitioned into womanhood; it was a very liberating and beautiful experience and something I would highly recommend for the divine feminine.  These ceremonial workshops will take place in either Hemel Hempstead or London. Please check out the events section of this website for details and booking. Check out our events and Book HERE 

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