As an Empath I am more than just a highly sensitive person (as if that was not enough).  I have these amazing spiritual gifts, which include healing hands, clairvoyance, claircognizant, the ability to feel other’s pain and emotions and possess a  highly attuned intuition – spotting a liar is as easy as 1 2 3. OK, the flip side to all of this is that these sensitivities can sometimes get a little bit overwhelming, and that’s an understatement.  Along my journey I have learned to:

  • Accept myself as an empath
  • Embrace my gifts
  • Accept that I am more emotional than your average Jo
  • Trust my intuition
  • Trust that my gifts can be used for the highest good

Many of us Empaths have grown up as highly sensitive children, with our parents not understanding why we may cry for what seems like no apparent reason.  As a child, I couldn’t even bare for people to look at me for too long, it felt so painful, and I guess I was picking up on their pain but not understanding it one little bit.  I was at a BBQ in the summer and met this awesome little girl, she was about 2 or3 years of age.  For most of the time she just cried and as I watched and analysed her I realised she was an Empath; she didn’t like people getting too close to her, she was ever so clingy with her parents and when she was eating, she seemed so content and happy.  Yes, Empaths love to eat and in most cases use their excess weight as a form of protection from the onslaught of negative energies flying about the place.

Empaths are here for a very important reason, they have the ability to feel the collective human consciousness on deep levels; now that is a hard thing to have to deal with.  We need to learn to decipher which is our own ‘stuff’ other individual’s ‘stuff’ and what is the collective human consciousness ‘stuff’.  Learning this is when being an Empath stops feeling so overwhelming and less like a curse.  As an Empath, during Brexit and the USA presidential elections, we felt the lull around the globe when most felt dismayed at world events.  It was a tough time.  So, as Empaths we are here to heal, to help others as we all evolve and ascend into a higher vibration as this planet goes through its cleansing and ascension.

Due to these responsibilities as an Empath it is very important that you look after yourself. Your energies can be easily depleted as others cling to you and drain you of energy (some intentional and others not so).  Be very mindful of narcissists as they can spot an Empath from afar and will hone in, use, abuse and drain you.  Keep your guard up and ward them off.

So how can you protect yourself?

  • Meditate daily
  • Use crystals such as malachite, amethyst and tourmaline for protection; jade, lapis lazuli, turquoise & unakite
  • Trust yourself and your intuition
  • Visualise yourself in a protective bubble before leaving the house
  • Ask your guides for protection daily
  • Cleanse yourself and home with sage and/or frankincense regularly
  • Eat healthy foods
  • Work on your self-esteem & self-love
  • Set firm healthy boundaries with people
  • Be open to receiving just as much as you give (and we know you love to give)
  • Essential oils for Empaths:
    • Lavender – relaxing
    • Neroli – rebalance
    • Vetiver – calms nerves
    • Basil – combats fatigue
    • Chamomile – sleep aid
    • Jasmine – mood enhancer
    • Marjoram – calms emotional trauma
  • Personal & Spiritual development is important
  • Don’t be afraid to use your gifts for the highest good of others
  • Find other highly sensitive people and Empaths for close relationships & friendships
  • Put yourself first for once

It’s been a long journey for me in understanding who I am as an Empath, and I am still learning.  Most of my clients that sit before me do not realise that they are Empaths and in order to help them understand more about who they are and their experiences I point this out to them, and as time goes on they start to understand themselves more and their life starts to make more sense to them.

Now, because of the purpose of an Empath coming to this planet they are bestowed with these amazing gifts, but alas, they generally have some horrific life experiences, many of us Empaths come from a place of abuse, depression, neglect, great trials and tribulations.  I need you all to understand, that what does not kill you makes you stronger.  You are stronger than you think and you can get through whatever it is you have come here to experience, which are often the hardest lessons to learn. Learning these lessons and healing from your past is all part of the experience

So from one fellow Empath to another, stay strong, be good to yourself and embrace your truly amazing self.  If you need help and support I am a phone call away.  Let us Empaths rise up and help others to do so too, let us all shine our bright lights and give others permission to do so too.  Never forget who you are.

Love & Light


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