The awakening and ascension process is filled with many different experiences.  As you go through this process you may worry that you are going crazy, but fear not; everything is as it should be.  In this blog I will talk about the physical symptoms that you may be experiencing throughout this process. You are changing in frequency and our fourth density is evolving into existence.  Your vibration is rising energetically and your body is trying to cope with this change. Negative energy is coming out of your mind body and spirit, even thoughts.  As you are ascending you are literally rejecting the third density body.

As your 3rd density body is moving towards a new dimension; your 4th density body is going through an upgrade on a cellular level, as such you will go through a purging process. Below are 7 physical symptoms and how you can manage them at this time. Your 4th density body is being activated but you will still need to take care of your 3rd density body.

You may experience a lot of itching and skin rashes – the negative energies that you have collected throughout this lifetime are finding their way out and may cause skin irritation. Treat these irritations as you normally would.  Try keeping your skin cool and wear appropriate clothing to allow your skin to breath.  Use more natural products on your body.

You will definitely experience insomnia – the subconscious mind will be trying to heal itself and deal with your issues whilst you try to sleep. The subconscious will bring things up if you are not doing all of your shadow work.  Additionally you will be more receptive to spirit and the messages they are trying to give you.  At night this is an ideal time because you are more accessible to them.  In addition, your body is also realigning to a new body clock.  Your consciousness could also be in other dimensions, i.e. your 3d body is trying to sleep but your 4d body is busy travelling and upgrading.

You may experience hot flushes – this will be because the molecules in your body are realigning themselves; they are moving around faster due to this new higher vibration.  Try not to feel too anxious about this as this will create even more hot flushes.  Meditate more so as to help you keep calm.  Cool yourself down, with cool showers or baths.

You may contract viruses and infections – your immune system is receiving an upgrade. many people get colds and all sorts of infections. Do not worry; this is your body expelling all the rubbish in order to be better balanced within its new 4D state.  This is a time for you to get plenty of rest, eat healthily, drink lots of fluid to allow what needs to exit your body and allow the process to take place as smoothly as possible.  Avoid alcohol and processed food.

Dizziness is another common symptom – this could be due to anxiety. But also you may be phasing in and out of this reality and non-ordinary reality, you are moving into different consciousness and these subtle breaks in consciousness will make you feel dizzy. Try to stay as grounded as possible.  Do grounding exercises and be more mindful of your surroundings.

You will start to look more radiant, as you r vibration rises you will feel a lot better. Your inner light will start to shine more.  You are regenerating and you will feel lighter, you will start to feel healthier and be more prone to eat healthier, exercise and look after yourself more.  As such you will feel more positive emotions hence less stress.  Your energy is flowing at a better rate.  Your chakras will open up, in particular your heart chakra; this will allow you to feel more love of self and others.

Your ears may ring – the fluid in your ear drums is changing and you may feel somewhat off balance at times.  You could experience a gushing noise, a ringing noise or something like a radio signal.  You are vibrating at a different frequency and this will affect your ears in this way.

So in conclusion, make sure you continue to look after your 3D body by staying grounded in 3.  Take walks, be in nature, exercise especially yoga, eat healthily, stay hydrated but drinking lots of water, establish a daily meditation routine.  These physical symptoms will not last, however they may return as you go through different stages of your ascension process.  Do not get disheartened by the physical symptoms, the end results far outweigh them.

Namaste Beautiful Soul


  1. Ilda 06/04/2020 at 22:47

    This is incredible
    Thank you for putting it into perspective

    1. Yvonne Douglas 13/04/2020 at 13:30

      You are very welcome, I am glad it has helped you have a better understanding for yourself.

  2. Diana 10/04/2020 at 16:27

    How will you know when the process is finished ; what will you see.. feel ?

    1. Yvonne Douglas 13/04/2020 at 13:30

      You will feel more settled within yourself, the symptoms will cease. Your intuition will be more heightened and we may discover more enhanced spiritual gifts than you had before. We go through ascension processes, not just the once, so you will recognise them for the next time.

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