Pain is what causes people to wake up.Humanity is feeling the pain and are awakeningIt's time!

There is a saying that you will get a message firstly in the form of a feather, if you take no notice, you will then get it via a brick and if still you don’t get the message then you will get it in the form of a lorry.  Now getting hit by a brick or a lorry can prove to be very painful, however it will force you to take note and do something.

It’s the same with pain, it forces you to do something. Stand up, take note and take action. I am not just talking about physical pain; it is fairly easy to take action when we feel physical pain, but not so easy with emotional pain is it?

Emotional pain is pandemic among society.  People are walking around full of emotional pain and they do not even realise it.  Why? Because they have life-long habits that numb the pain, things like:

  • Smoking
  • Drug taking
  •  Drinking alcohol
  •  Eating disorders
  • Over- working
  •  Gambling
  •  Over-thinking
  •  Excessive partying
  •  Over-exercising
  •  Sex addiction
  •   Self-harming

Do you do any of the above to avoid emotional pain?  It is very easily done. However by suppressing your pain you stay asleep to really living a fulfilled life.  You are merely existing on a treadmill going nowhere.  As an emotional being it is absolutely imperative that you embrace and express your emotions, good or bad.  Human emotions are very very powerful and they help us connect to our higher selves, to our ancestors, the most high, god, the universe and spirit (whichever term suits you).

Granted society has made it difficult for us in the processed foods, the medications, subliminal messages on TV and adverts, propaganda. But it’s time to see through their veil of lies and ways of numbing us down and controlling us.  There has been a very major ethereal shift happening of late and it has caused a lot of pain for humanity; so many awful things happening around the world which many are now seeing and really feeling.  Although it is not nice, I believe it is a good thing because it is causing humanity to wake up.  People are awakening and realising that there is something very wrong with our existence.  People are recognising that there is much more to life than this.  Yes it a spiritual awakening for many and for many more still to come.

The individual and collective pain we all feel is necessary for change to happen.  It shifts or propels us out of our comfort zones and makes us take some much needed action.  We cannot sit in our pain and expect things to be okay, we have to do something if we want to live a more enlightened, happy and fulfilling life.  So I ask you? How much more pain can you take?

Suppressing emotional pain is detrimental to you; it causes physical ailments as well as mental illness.  As a holistic being looking after your physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual self is imperative.  So my mantra to you is

Feel the pain, embrace the pain, deal with it and then let it go. Awaken to life and its infinite possibilities. Namastu.


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