Last week I spoke about nourishing your soul. How have you been getting on with this? Have you been able to follow some simple guided meditations? I do hope so, meditation is a very powerful tool when practised on a regular basis.

Depending on where you are at on your spiritual journey, you can also try attending healing and/or sacred circles. They consist of a group of women who come together for, not just healing, but empowerment, identification and looking deeper into the spiritual aspects of perhaps, physical ailments and dis-ease. Some circles just celebrate the goddess within each and every one of you. This could be in the form of sacred dances or rituals. I took part in a trance dance last week whereby I danced blindfolded, as did everybody else. We let ourselves go to the beat of the drums and it was a very freeing and liberating time. You allow yourself to be guided by the music and do whatever comes naturally to you without any cares of who may be watching. It’s a very powerful experience; that much I can tell you.

If you are not ready for trance dancing just yet, that is absolutely fine, what I love about life is that everyone is on their own personal journey; at different stages and it is always good to remember and respect that. A simple walk in the park connecting with mother earth and nature are also a great way to nourish your soul. If you live in the city sometimes our energy can become so depleted with stale, air conditioned and stagnant air; the fumes from factories and vehicles and the constant noise as well as the flashing lights of adverts etc can just wreak havoc on our psyche. This is when a call for nature comes in. Fresh air for one to breathe in and relax giving you time to recuperate and ground yourself. I literally hug trees, and yes I was very conscious of doing so when I first started, but now I do so without worrying what other people think of me. Hugging a tree can help give you some much needed energy as I often feel energised straight after. If you are feeling adventurous why not take a trip to the beach, this too is a very relaxing and healing experience, the sea has so much healing properties, even just the sound of it. Connecting with nature can also prove to be very inspiring and may spur you on with your latest or next project.

What makes you tick? What are your talents? Why not find groups that share the same ethos, values and talents as you? This is yet another way that your soul will feel nourished. Surround yourself with kindred spirit, those who are on a journey of self-development also. It’s no good being around nay slayers and people who want to bring you down. Surround yourself with positive people. Have a great week nourishing your soul.

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