It also takes a village to abuse one! You may have seen the news of the young girl beaten by some other girls with adults either goading them on, watching, filming, passing by without stepping in. Even the headteacher was very complacent. 

We are living in perilous times, when people will behave as if possessed. This is because they probably are; people are so removed from their divinity and have lost all sense of what love is in this world. With their low vibrations, negative and hateful energy they are attracting negative entities that will entice them to do hateful things. The village is crumbling. 

There is a war on humanity. This is a spiritual warfare without a shadow of a doubt. The division between black and white, man and woman; and that’s not even to mention the division between anything else that makes us different. The thing is Beloved, the soul has no colour or gender. Let that sink in.

Each soul is here to have its unique experience in order to learn vital lessons and grow. This year is going to see phenomenal growth for many. The capacity for our soul’s to really come into it’s god gene is happening now. Let’s not get distracted, let’s build loving villages for future generations, let’s carry the love energy, let’s shine our lights and let’s remember who we truly are.

If you are triggered by recent events, if you are struggling in this harsh reality, if you are not able to reach your heaven here on this earth plane then you have work to do. You can respond to this email to see how I can be of assistance by working with me. I am planning a 12 week programme for those who are unable to work with me one a 1 to 1 basis. If you want to make imminent changes now, please do get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you beloved.

In the meantime, feed your mind with positivity.

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