As a holistic practitioner I often found myself deliberating about the above question and believe that there is a link between the two.  I have witnessed people having a spiritual emergency who have then been labelled as having a mental illness.  If not handled properly, delicately and holistically it can develop into an illness such as schizophrenia.

So what is the answer? Psychosis can be described as being in an altered state where you are connecting into the spiritual realm; you may hear voices, see visions and connect with powerful beings which can freak you out.  Your Kundalini energy may start to rise which can often become a spiritual emergency if it happens too quickly and abruptly, often by the use of drugs, sleep deprivation and other factors.  Anyone exhibiting these signs needs urgent assistance.  Seeking counsel from a spiritual healer or counsellor will make a huge amount of difference whereby you can be delicately guided on how you manage with these new awakenings.  Hearing voices and seeing visions simply means you are an intuitive, clairvoyant, psychic whichever word suits; it does not necessarily mean you have a mental illness.  You will need to cleanse your aura so that the voices you hear and your connection to spirit are the positive ones giving you loving and positive messages.  If this is not done, then you are likely to attract the negative entities that do the complete opposite which eventually can turn into schizophrenia.

Not only will your aura need cleansing but you will need guidance on how to use and manage your spiritual gifts. Having these gifts is an honor and it should be treated with respect and only used for the greater good of yourself and others, working in/with the light.  When I first opened up fully to the spirit world I experienced many spiritual phenomena that could have quite easily freaked me out, however, I had spiritual counsellors and I read many books on the subject to gently break me in which enabled me to fully embrace my gifts.  These gifts are not to be feared; unfortunately this is the case in many societies and a label gets attached and eventually treated with medication.  Do not forget that we are spiritual beings living a human existence; as such we are connected to the spirit realm.  The angels, our ancestors, our spirit guides are all available to us; they want to help, guide, protect and support us in our journeys here on planet earth.  Having such gifts and using them in the correct way will lead to transcendental experiences, further transformation and spiritual enlightenment.

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Psychosis and Spirituality Second Edition Paperback – 28 Sep 2010 – by Isabel Clarke (Editor)

“ The new edition of this successful text builds on the very latest research to present an original and unique exploration of the psychology of both spirituality and psychosis. The editor brings together fascinating perspectives from a broad range of distinguished contributors.

This new edition covers the most recent body of research, both qualitative and quantitative, in its exploration of the interface between psychosis and spirituality, and investigation into anomalous experiences. Ten new chapters added and the remaining text completely updated.  New to this edition is an expanded clinical section, relevant to clinicians working with psychosis.  Offers a fundamental rethink of the concept of psychosis, and proposes new insights into spirituality”

Article in Psychology Today

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