Inner Child Wounds

If your inner child isn’t ok then you can’t really be ok. Take a close look at the picture above and see if you can identify any of those wounds within you. Sometimes you may not even realise you’re wounded until you attract certain people into your life which then highlights the wound.

So how do I heal those wounds; I hear you say?

Guilt Wound

You need to set boundaries firstly within yourself so that it then easily filters out to others. Internal boundaries are very powerful. Become committed to self, people use the word discipline but I prefer dedicated. When you are committed to your healing, wellbeing and mental health you are loving yourself and your self worth increases, you stop feeling sorry about decisions you make that are for your highest good. In fact you will notice you’re not saying sorry as much.

Abandonment Wound

To heal this wound you need to have a daily practice of self love. Constant mindfulness of how you’re treating yourself. Being emotionally available to yourself. Stopping reckless behaviour when things aren’t going your way. Getting used to being on your own and enjoying your own company. Develop that relationship with self and you will be well on your way to healing that deep deep wound. Don’t abandon yourself beloved.

Trust Wound

You will need to start learning to validate yourself beloved. Self praise is not vanity, it’s necessary especially if you’ve not been validated by your parents. Take small emotional risks until they become easy and keep it moving. If you do not take these risks you will stay trapped in the wound and your inner child will not feel free to come out and play. Learning to trust yourself is very important because the more you trust yourself the more your intuition will guide you; it’s always there, so tune into it. Developing the relationship with self is key. Find your tribe so you can know who to trust. If this still proves difficult then developing a therapeutic relationship with a counsellor is probably the safest bet.

Neglect Wound

For this wound you need to work a lot on your emotions. Quite a huge task for many, especially sensitive souls. Take your time being gentle and compassionate with yourself. I would recommend therapy for this wound for sure. If you’ve neglected your emotions you’ve neglected a major part of your being. Start saying no to others and yes to yourself, because if you’re constantly saying yes to others you are saying no to yourself. Put yourself first, focus on you and embrace your emotions and your vulnerability. 

Beloved , I have worked through all of the above, so I’m here to testify that healing your inner child wounds is possible. Don’t give up on him/her. Your inner child needs you to reparent them so they can feel safe to be who they were meant to be without the programming, conditioning and dysfunctional human wounds.

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