I AM a conduit for spirit helping you to alchemise your life. I assist you to connect with your innate wisdom, heal your soul allowing you to work harmoniously with your divine goddess energy so you can take your space and shine your unique light feeling truly and deeply empowered.

Along with my natural spiritual gifts, and training as a Shamanic practitioner, Sekhem energy healer, counselor and coach, combined with my lived experience of overcoming deep trauma I help you get to the core to allow you to rise and to shine your authentic light with no apology. I create a safe and sacred healing space for you to heal yourself of traumas.

Doing this work is extremely fulfilling, I am a healer by birth, and my wish and purpose is to facilitate healing happen on a global scale for all humanity. We are living in very serious times as we ascend into higher consciousness, recognising that we are indeed spiritual beings living a human existence. I am creating a movement for those on the path of spiritual awakening and ascension, to bring you to a place where you can take the baton and spread the message of love – the #loverevolution.