I AM a conduit for spirit helping you to alchemise your life. I assist you to connect with your innate wisdom, heal your soul allowing you to work harmoniously with your divine goddess energy so you can take your space and shine your unique light feeling truly and deeply empowered.
I am Yvonne J Douglas, The Starseed Alkhemist, here to shine my light in this darkened world and to facilitate healing on deep soul levels so you can transform your life on a permanent basis; and shine your light too. As a Starseed and Empath I am highly intuitive and sensitive to the needs of others. My compassionate and nurturing spirit creates a relaxed yet powerful healing space.
During my journey of self-discovery I realised that the more baggage I left behind the more enlightened I became. I recognized that personal development leads to spiritual expansion; the two are very much linked. My passion and desire for growth has led me to help others on their journey of ascension. By working with me you will find that my approach is holistic rather than clinical, I can relate to your problems as I myself am a wounded healer. I am an ‘energy person’, and if our energies connect, I can guarantee you an extremely positive outcome. Our relationship will be based on trust, authenticity and transparency.
I channel messages through the Divine Luminous Souls. I work with my many Spirit Allies, which include, Ascended Masters, Arcturians as well as my Helping Ancestors, together we help you heal on a soul level, gain inner peace, shine your unique light and live a soul filled life from a place of unconditional love.
Along with my natural spiritual gifts, my training as a Shamanic practitioner, Sekhem energy healer, and crystal healing as well as my formal training as a counsellor and coach, combined with my lived experience of overcoming deep trauma I help you get to the core to allow you to rise and to shine your authentic light with no apology.
Doing this work is extremely fulfilling, I am a healer by birth, and my wish is to see healing happen on a global scale for all humanity. We are living in very serious times as we ascend into higher consciousness, recognising that we are indeed spiritual beings living a human existence. I am creating a movement for those on the path of spiritual awakening and ascension, to bring you to a place where you can take the baton and spread the message of love – the #loverevolution.

As an award winning coach from the Ebony Business Recognition Awards 2014, Yvonne feels extremely proud and humbled to be recognised for the important work that she does. In addition, she has been recognised by Worldwide Who’s Who for her counselling achievements in November 2011. In July 2012 Yvonne was chosen as an inspirational figure and included in the Black 100+ legacy book; selected as one of the top 50 inspirational and international people by the Swanilenga Group Ltd.
Yvonne’s love of writing has led her to write not just her three books but some very inspiring and thought provoking blogs and articles for various magazines. Radio shows that have interviewed Yvonne include BBC Radio London; Angie Greaves book review, Nubia House Radio and Genesis Radio talking about her experiences, books and work. Early 2014 Yvonne was featured in the Daily Express Happiness Column regarding her book Trust Your Intuition: She was also featured in the Guardian about her event at Leyton library in March 2013. Yvonne has spoken at various events including Women Around the Globe Foundation, Women Rock, The Good Shepherd charitable event and plans to go global with her public speaking in order that her message of healing and empowerment reaches as many as possible.