Times of great unrest and uncertainty like now, it is necessary to slow down your pace, be still, go within and listen to your intuition. You are being called to seek truth. The lies that are being told are psychologically poisoning your mind and thoughts. This is a time of the great awakening and with it you need to prepare yourself physically, psychologically and spiritually. Stop believing the lies that are being thrown at you via the tell-lie-vision. The govern-ments (those governing your mental state) are not here to serve you from a space of love, they are here to distract you and keep you enslaved in their tyrannical systems.

Beloved, do not be distracted by what you see is going on in the world, they want you to stay in a state of fear and when in that state you are not able to receive the loving healing energy that is being poured into us by the benevolent beings. Your emotional, spiritual and physical bodies are under attack, protect them at all costs. Step up with your spiritual practices, strengthen your emotional body by embracing your emotions and not avoid them. Look after your physical body and eliminate toxins, eat well, and exercise, move your body to get rid of stagnant stale energy that no longer serves you. Connect with your benevolent ancestors, your spiritual guides and divine source. In this way you will be able to pass through this ascension process and protect your inner peace.

Speak up about the tyranny that you see but from a place of love and light, allowing your hearts to expand as opposed to allowing it to shrink with fear and hatred. As this apocalypse continues we are going to be tested, and for some the tests may feel like something you have never imagined, especially if you are just starting out on your journey and you have only recently woken up. But do not be dismayed, you are being lovingly held by your spirit guides and helping ancestors. You are not alone in this and there are many like minded souls on this planet who are fighting for the love revolution. Seek out your soul tribe and start building communities as this system crumbles.

You see beloved, the 1% are hell bent on their purpose and will stop at nothing to keep the status quo of their power, but we have choice, we have power, we need to remember who we are and know that as powerful spiritual beings, we do not have to take their nonsense anymore, we can fight for truth, love and light. Engage your warrior spirit too, this too is okay because we are all darkness and light personified, as long as we use our darkness for the right reason; the upliftment of humanity. As humans we are on the precipice of a new world, we are giving birth and so it will feel painful, but we are going to get through this together by putting aside our differences. The 1% keep us seperated and hating one another with the differences. Let us focus on our similarities and unite in love, light and harmony. Ask yourself:

Why am I HERE?
What did my soul choose to manifest in this lifetime?
Am I fulfilling my soul’s mission or am I just sitting idly by watching the chaos in fear?

It is time for you to REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE AND WHY YOU CAME TO PLANET EARTH AT THIS TIME. There is much to do and so beloved I implore you to wake up, stand up, shine your light and be the change you want to see in this world.

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