Many people are waking up to the fact that having healthy boundaries are ever so important.  Being taught how to have healthy boundaries growing up may not have been the case for you.  Your parents or caregivers may not have known what healthy boundaries looked like themselves.  Some of you may have experienced your boundaries being completely broken by experiencing abuse, in particular sexual abuse.

If in your early years you were a victim of broken boundaries, you may have been going through your life without realising that people were crossing your boundaries left, right and centre.  You may have experienced verbal, physical and even sexual abuse all over again.  People not showing you respect.  You are probably at a point in your life now where you feel enough is enough.

If you have grown up in a somewhat dysfunction family you may have developed co-dependency and carried this people-pleasing trait around with you for years.  This is not easy to unlearn but it can be done.   The key to this is working on yourself, not focusing on others and how they treat you, but becoming aware of what it is you are allowing.  Taking ownership for oneself and your healing journey is paramount.  This is very much about the energy you are emitting and the law of attraction.  It is also about the earth bound lessons that you have come to experience and how you grow through those lessons.

There is a lot of talk in the air now around this very topic; saying no and putting yourself first.  This may feel very uncomfortable at first, but like any new muscle you have to keep working at it until it becomes effortless. No is a very powerful word, use it.  When you use this word you do not need to give any reasons or justifications, you may be tempted to, try not to.  You probably will at first because it will feel very uncomfortable but do not beat yourself up about it.  The aim is to get to the point where you feel completely comfortable with setting healthy boundaries, at ease with letting other people down, no guilt around honoring yourself and your needs first.

Most were not taught about self-love, some people feel that it is selfish.  Well maybe it is time to be selfish for once in your life.  You cannot keep giving to others if you haven’t given to yourself.  What is the quality of what you are giving when you can’t even serve your own needs? Your cup has to be overfilled with love for yourself in order to be able to give quality love to others, healthy love with healthy boundaries.

The self-love revolution is here, let’s not underestimate how crucial this is, let us not dilute it or allow it to become a throw away phrase.  It is vitally important that we learn to love ourselves at a deep core level.  This is about remembering who you are at the core; as you navigate through this life, you would have forgotten your true essence due to the bombardment of negative messages from society, family, so-called friends, employers etc.  It is your time now to remember who you are and shine your wonderful light for all to see.

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