I often get my clients to do a gratitude list when they struggle to see what is good in their lives. I remember the time some years ago when I was feeling so miserable with my lot in life and I was advised to start doing a gratitude list every night. I grumbled and thought ‘what’s the point of that, it’s not going to change anything’. However, I felt I had nothing to lose and set about doing my gratitude list. Each night I wrote in my daily journal listing the things I was grateful for in my life, sometimes even repeating the same things. After a couple of weeks something changed, it was amazing. I started to complain a lot less and I began to appreciate life, I became contented. Nothing outside of me really changed, but inside of me did.

That’s the key, inside of me changed. You see, when you find inner contentment and peace your outlook changes. You see the world with new eyes and you thus create a different reality for yourself and that’s a powerful thing. I became more positive and guess what? I started to attract the very things I felt I didn’t have in my life prior to doing the gratitude list. Gratitude is a very powerful virtue to have; in fact, it is the mother of all virtues. This is something I get my clients to do in order to help them see things from a different perspective and realise that the simple things in life, like the smell of a flower, the moon shining at night, a hug from a loved one, a smile from a stranger, are so very special. These things keep us focussed on the present moment and encourage us to appreciate life in all its glory.

So today, why not start your gratitude list and see how it makes a difference in your life. List a minimum of five things each day of the things you are grateful for, shift your focus and see what happens. Let me know how you get on. Love and light to you my beautiful souls.

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