Do you often struggle to leave a toxic relationship? Or even if you have left, you find yourself being drawn back in somehow and you wonder how that happened? This could be a friendship, situationship, family members or romantic partner.

You know this relationship is not good for you on some level, especially emotionally, yet you return. When you do return nothing really changes, just a repetition of the same old cycles.

This is time for a chord cutting. The reason why you return could be that as my mother would say “you ears hard”, “those who can’t hear will feel”; in essence, you just haven’t learned your karmic lesson yet. Or you are still connected energetically, and this could be because the other person is still holding on. If this is the case a chord cutting exercise is necessary.

Your energy centre is still connected to theirs and once you are able to cut this energetic chord it will be easier to let go of this relationship that no longer serves you.

How to do a chord cutting?

You can find a guided meditation on YouTube that’s talks you through the process. Or if you are comfortable doing it solo, just get yourself into a meditative state. Imagine this person in front of you. See and feel the energy chords attached to each other from your centre, solar plexus. Imagine you have a pair of large golden scissors and with strong emotional intent cut the energetic chord that runs between the two of you.

Then bless them with whatever it is you need to say. Thank them for the lessons they brought to you, the children they gave you, or whatever the circumstances between the two of you.

Hold them in loving kindness and wish them well as they embark on their individual path. See them float away from you in love, and let them go.

Then replace that space with loving energy, allow your solar plexus to be filled up with bright yellow energy, imagine, your solar plexus spinning around as it absorbs this energy. Sit for a while and glean any messages that may come to you. When you are ready, close down your solar plexus and come back into full waking consciousness.

I hope this helps you to break free from old relationships that no longer serve you.


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