Ending Family Patterns

Are you the one in your family that challenges the status quo?

Are you the one who calls out bullshit?

Are you the one who gets labelled as a trouble maker?

Do your family consider you as the black sheep because you don’t fall in line?

Well if you’ve answered yes to any of those questions, then welcome. Welcome to the tribe of people who want to see a better world; one based on authenticity and love.

I’m here to remind you that you are not alone on your quest. Most families have “the one”, some families may have more than one, you’re the lucky ones. Our soul actually choose our families in order to learn certain lessons, so don’t be dismayed if your family are unhealthy. Breaking ancestral patterns is no easy task but it’s definitely doable. Finding the right support and being committed to your path will definitely be of benefit. You may find that this holiday season you may not even want to spend time with certain family members; know that this is okay. You are allowed to make your own choices on who you spend your precious time with. I cannot think of nothing more unbearable than sitting around a dinner table with toxic family members, especially those who know your Achilles heel.

Beloved, keep calling out toxic behaviour, keep yourself safe, protect your energy and consider yourself the rainbow sheep. You are a blessing for humanity and for your family, even if they don’t know it yet. Humanity is constantly evolving from this corrupt 3D experience and you are a major part of that change. Call on your helping and benevolent ancestors to assist and protect you on your journey. You are loved.

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