Did you get slapped?

I am finding that the energy of the eclipse season is literally slapping people all over the place.

I’m currently doing a detox and am coping really well. I am proud of how I’m enjoying it, especially when I look at my food journey and being a Taurean (we are real foodies). I’m feeling more connected, productive, focused and clearer. I would highly recommend a detox because it certainly helps your mind, body and soul.

I’ve also stepped up in my practice by getting rid of self doubt and now feeling 100% confident in performing ancestral healing. The transgenerational trauma that is stored in our DNA can cause so many unconscious habits and behaviours. This can be healed beloved and we owe it to ourselves and our ancestors to do what we can to heal our lineage. Please reach out if you are feeling the call to heal on this deep level.

Until next time, stay blessed beloved.

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