I remember the days when I used to fear white people. Believe it or not, it is true.

I remember when I would silently want to have hair that flowed, just like theirs, I didn’t mind the colour of my skin so much because I wasn’t the darkest out of all my siblings. Yet there were times I felt proud to be a black girl, my skin was soft and smooth with no blemishes, I enjoyed the different hair styles that my hair afforded me. There was indeed a conflict within my psyche.

I remember the times when travelling on the streets of East London as a kid I got called nig nog, coon and gollywog.

I remember the time when an elder of my congregation told me I couldn’t have reggae playing at my wedding because “it was not music befitting of a Christian”. I was so happy that the black elder fought my corner and told him where to go.

I remember the days when I worked as a secretary and even though I had a young baby my bosses at the time expected and even demanded I did overtime to get work done. When I refused they told me I had a chip on my shoulder. A chip on my shoulder hey? The amount of times I have heard that statement is beyond me.

I remember the times when white men would stare at me in such a way that made me feel so uncomfortable it triggered some sort of fear in me.

I remember the time when my children would come home and tell me incidents at school such as a teacher telling my daughter off about combing her hair and stating, “It’s not as if the comb can get through it”.

I remember the times when my son got stopped and searched for no good reason… I feared for my son being out more than I feared for my daughter being out.

I remember the time….
I remember the time….
I remember the time….

I could go on with the amount of times white supremacy has caused so many internal wounds upon me, my family, my community, my people, my ancestors.
I want to be able to write about this topic in some years to come and say: I remember the time when the white supremacist system died its death and everyone stood up against it. I wonder if 2020 is that time.

There has been so much going on in 2020, it’s as if the world has done a 180 degree turn, scientifically it has and we are now going through a planetary cleanse, I have written and spoken about this for many years and now the time is finally here. A time when there is a mass cleansing and mass awakening. We are certainly upgrading. However, there are a lot of distractions that we need to be very mindful of. I implore people to stay focused on your ascension. Stay focused on upgrading and doing the inner work. Do not get caught up in mass hysteria and chant negative words. Chanting is a powerful ritual, so switch the words around to something positive.

When you are triggered it means you need to be healed in some way. What has triggered you to the point of untold pain? Heal it beloved, heal it. Many of us need healing of traumas that are still present in the DNA, if you do not heal it, you will be triggered. There are no judgements here, just know that love is the key to everything. Do you love yourself enough to do the healing? Where is your energy focused? Hate? Revenge? Retaliation? These are not the solutions. The solutions, the answers are all within you. Remembering that you are a divine being from love tells you that you deserve the best. So, my fellow beings what will you do, will you sit back and complain and point the finger or will you start taking responsibility for your own life, your healing and your ascension? Your power is your spiritual advancement as we are deeply in the midst of a spiritual warfare.

Black people you need ancestral healing. White people you need ancestral healing. Asian people you need ancestral healing. Oriental people you need ancestral healing…. We all need ancestral healing. We are a collective and we are all going through this global experience as a collective.

In my personal experience since having ancestral healing, I no longer fear white people. I no longer unconsciously move to the side to allow a white person right of way. I no longer get triggered when I see grave injustice towards black people; don’t get me wrong I have deep empathy but it does not trigger me at my core the way it used to. So many more things have shifted for me around this issue and it can for you too. No more fear, no more self-hatred, no more feelings of less than and for white people who benefit from white supremacy no more feelings of better than, more compassion, more action and more genuine love and over-standing.

Vibrations need to be raised and healing is the way forward. The higher we vibrate the more chance we have as humans to live in abundance among these negative forces that permeate our beautiful planet. Let us stay focused, let us take responsibility and be the change that we wish to see in this world. Not only that, when you heal you also heal the ancestral continuum going back and going forward. Surely you want this for your lineage.

A Sad Time For Those Grieving

So many people are passing right now and not just of the coronavirus. We are living in unprecedented times. These wonderful souls have been paving the way for us and now their soul contract and their purpose has been served.

May they rest in peace and rise with the ancestors. May we remember their good works and what they have done for humanity. Let’s honor and remember them in our prayers and continue to shine our lights to get through these unpredictable yet exciting times ushering the Reawakening of our earth. Let us be encouraged by their strength and the light they leave behind, let us make a commitment to ourselves that we will do our utmost best to make the world a better place by healing old ancestral wounds as well as our own personal wounds.

For it is only by healing that we change our vibration permanently, and our vibrations need to be raised in order that we can survive on this beautiful planet. As she goes through a deep cleansing we are called to go through the same cleansing process too. As a collective we have been crying out for something to shake us up, wake us up, even though we may not have realised it would come in the form of this virus it is important for us to focus on the positive outcomes:

Time to be at one with self
Time to focus on what needs healing
Time to connect with source
Time for real reflection
Time with our loved ones
Time to get real with certain relationships
Time to discover your true purpose
More appreciation for the simple things in life
Time for mother earth to replenish
Time to clean up house, literally and metaphorically
Time to really breath and smell the roses
Less pollution

Please focus on the positives and do not become fearful, fear is such a low vibrating energy and we need to be uplifted in higher vibrations. Remember to love yourself and others more so than ever before. If you have been most unfortunate to have lost a loved one I have written the below poem in the hope that it will bring you comfort:

Dear beautiful soul we thank you for your time you spent here with us on mother earth. We thank you for your gifts you brought that brightened up the lives of those you nursed.

We thank you for your smiles, your laughter and good cheer, we thank you too for your sadness, your grief and your tears. You have given much, sacrificed plenty but you have not left us empty. In fact your presence here has been a cause for celebration and now is the time for your elevation.

As you prepare to return back to source, may you be welcomed with open arms and not by force. Rise up beloved and prepare to meet your ancestors. As you return to what you once were know that you are safe and protected by your creator.

We love you, we will miss you but we will never forget you. Go shine in the sky as a twinkling star because beloved that’s who you are

The Rise of The Sensitive Souls

I see people holding back their tears, I hear people apologising for crying. I overhear people being reprimanded for being too sensitive. I see people ruin their lives through addiction because they struggle to own their feelings. I’ve witnessed children being shut down because their parents can’t handle their own emotions much less nurture their child’s emotions. There are so many people rejecting their emotions and not able to manage them because of the above. So many sensitive souls not being their authentic self because of the messages they have received from others.

This has to STOP. It makes me very angry to witness how sensitive souls are treated and then very sad to see how they then end up, e.g. in active addiction; sensitive souls supressing their emotions at all costs. As a child I was teased for being what others’ thought was “too sensitive”, as a result I supressed my true feelings and judged myself, thinking that there was something wrong with me for feeling things intensely. This led to food addiction which cushioned me and somehow assisted me in managing my emotions. However, I was not really managing them properly, how could I have, if the food was cushioning the full intensity of my emotions? Many others use alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex, over-thinking and even more to supress their emotions, all of which are very harmful to the individual.

Sensitive souls are a gift to this planet, without them this place would be even more hateful and out of balance than it already is. We are now faced with an epidemic of issues that derive from sensitive souls not embracing their authentic self. This includes not just addiction, but mental breakdowns, depression, anxiety, bipolar to name a few. Then we have the physical ailments that are known as psychosomatic illness which are the last manifestation of issues not resolved on a psychological, emotional and spiritual level.

Sensitive souls were created in a profound way; it is their natural genetic make-up. No-one has the right to tell you, you’re too sensitive and if people in your life cannot handle your sensitive nature that’s their issue, not yours. It is time that you as a sensitive soul start to embrace your sensitive nature and not allow anyone to make you feel guilty about your beautiful sensitive soul. My guidance to all sensitive souls is to tell those who do have an issue to mind their own business and stop questioning the creation of such a beautiful soul. My advice to non-sensitive souls is to stop making sensitive souls feel as if there is something wrong with them, to respect the difference and just accept that we are not all created in the same way.

When you start to embrace your sensitive nature you will realise that you are wonderfully made and that there is much power in your emotions. Once you embrace them you will then be able to manage them. At first it may seem overwhelming and rightly so, because for years you have not been allowing them the freedom to be expressed. It is a process and you will get to the point where your emotions can be well managed instead of them controlling you and you then having emotional outbursts. It is time to stop judging yourself for being emotional, time to be comfortable with who you are and stand up as a sensitive soul who has as much right to be here and has the right to express your emotions without fear of judgement or criticism.

I am so passionate about this that I am forming a sensitive soul revolution, join me by connecting with me on social media and become part of my tribe, divine masculine as well as the divine feminine are welcome. The world needs us to be authentic in order that more harmony and balance takes hold on this planet. It’s ascension time and with it comes changes for the greater good of humanity. Please share this message with a sensitive soul who needs to hear this message.

Trauma Bond vs Compatibility

You know that feeling you get when you meet someone for the first time, that feeling of connection; a sense that you may have met them before but you know you haven’t.  You feel very comfortable in their presence which fills you with excitement. It could be physical attraction, chemistry or soul recognition. On the other hand it could be that very subtle shared trauma bond.

Shared trauma bond happens very subconsciously, so much so that you don’t always realise what and why you feel so at ease with this person. This explains why. When you have experienced a particular trauma or a similar upbringing which you haven’t yet healed from, you are holding onto that energy. Your aura will emit that trauma energy; as such you attract people of a similar ilk.

I remember before I healed from my experience of sexual abuse I instantly connected with women who had also gone through something similar, not knowing until perhaps later down the line. It was easy to become friends with these women, eventually those friendships didn’t last because as I healed from those wounds my energy changed and we no longer had that trauma bond connection.  My values and behaviours changed from the healing process.

Likewise with attracting a romantic partner, you may feel an instant connection; be aware of what this connection is really all about, especially if you have not yet healed from your early traumas.  The law of attraction is very real, similar experiences will attract just like a magnet. If you grew up in an alcoholic household you are more likely to click with someone who also grew up in an alcoholic household. It’s what you subconsciously felt comfortable around. What I mean when I say this is, it’s familiar surroundings, you adapt in that type of household, it’s what you know; even though it’s dysfunctional you are comfortable around it.

Similarly a narcissist and an empath can also feel a strong attraction simply due to the fact that their upbringing may have been quite dysfunctional in similar ways. The way each one has evolved is undoubtedly extremely different, polar opposite somewhat like the positive and negative of a magnet.  This attraction is not healthy, it is a trauma bond and it is doomed.

Remember, you are energy, everything is energy. Traumas carry a certain vibration which will hang around in your auric field unless you do something about it. If you’re wondering why you attract a certain type of relationship, be it friends or romantic partners that always end up toxic, ask yourself what early traumas am I not healing from? If you’re not aware of any traumas then reflect upon your childhood and just consider was it functional or dysfunctional in any kind of way. Many people believe their childhood was great, yet when they reflect deeply they realise that there was some elements of dysfunction where certain essential needs were not met. This results in lack and wherever there is lack, there is neediness in some way, shape or form. Doing your inner work; your shadow work, is the best way to avoid getting involved with people that results in a toxic relationship. That instant compatibility is deception, so do not be fooled. By going on a healing journey and doing the work you clear your energy field and attract the type of people that enhance your life and only want your highest good.  People enter into your life for a reason or a lesson, if you are not receiving the lessons you will keep going back to the same experiences instead of moving onwards.

If you found this article helpful, please share with the people you care about. If this resonates with you and you need help in identifying your dysfunctions, traumas and relationship issues, why not get in contact for a free telephone consultation. You can do this via this website using the chord cutting link on the home page.

Having Healthy Boundaries

Many people are waking up to the fact that having healthy boundaries are ever so important.  Being taught how to have healthy boundaries growing up may not have been the case for you.  Your parents or caregivers may not have known what healthy boundaries looked like themselves.  Some of you may have experienced your boundaries being completely broken by experiencing abuse, in particular sexual abuse.

If in your early years you were a victim of broken boundaries, you may have been going through your life without realising that people were crossing your boundaries left, right and centre.  You may have experienced verbal, physical and even sexual abuse all over again.  People not showing you respect.  You are probably at a point in your life now where you feel enough is enough.

If you have grown up in a somewhat dysfunction family you may have developed co-dependency and carried this people-pleasing trait around with you for years.  This is not easy to unlearn but it can be done.   The key to this is working on yourself, not focusing on others and how they treat you, but becoming aware of what it is you are allowing.  Taking ownership for oneself and your healing journey is paramount.  This is very much about the energy you are emitting and the law of attraction.  It is also about the earth bound lessons that you have come to experience and how you grow through those lessons.

There is a lot of talk in the air now around this very topic; saying no and putting yourself first.  This may feel very uncomfortable at first, but like any new muscle you have to keep working at it until it becomes effortless. No is a very powerful word, use it.  When you use this word you do not need to give any reasons or justifications, you may be tempted to, try not to.  You probably will at first because it will feel very uncomfortable but do not beat yourself up about it.  The aim is to get to the point where you feel completely comfortable with setting healthy boundaries, at ease with letting other people down, no guilt around honoring yourself and your needs first.

Most were not taught about self-love, some people feel that it is selfish.  Well maybe it is time to be selfish for once in your life.  You cannot keep giving to others if you haven’t given to yourself.  What is the quality of what you are giving when you can’t even serve your own needs? Your cup has to be overfilled with love for yourself in order to be able to give quality love to others, healthy love with healthy boundaries.

The self-love revolution is here, let’s not underestimate how crucial this is, let us not dilute it or allow it to become a throw away phrase.  It is vitally important that we learn to love ourselves at a deep core level.  This is about remembering who you are at the core; as you navigate through this life, you would have forgotten your true essence due to the bombardment of negative messages from society, family, so-called friends, employers etc.  It is your time now to remember who you are and shine your wonderful light for all to see.

Physical Symptoms of the Ascension Process

The awakening and ascension process is filled with many different experiences.  As you go through this process you may worry that you are going crazy, but fear not; everything is as it should be.  In this blog I will talk about the physical symptoms that you may be experiencing throughout this process. You are changing in frequency and our fourth density is evolving into existence.  Your vibration is rising energetically and your body is trying to cope with this change. Negative energy is coming out of your mind body and spirit, even thoughts.  As you are ascending you are literally rejecting the third density body.

As your 3rd density body is moving towards a new dimension; your 4th density body is going through an upgrade on a cellular level, as such you will go through a purging process. Below are 7 physical symptoms and how you can manage them at this time. Your 4th density body is being activated but you will still need to take care of your 3rd density body.

You may experience a lot of itching and skin rashes – the negative energies that you have collected throughout this lifetime are finding their way out and may cause skin irritation. Treat these irritations as you normally would.  Try keeping your skin cool and wear appropriate clothing to allow your skin to breath.  Use more natural products on your body.

You will definitely experience insomnia – the subconscious mind will be trying to heal itself and deal with your issues whilst you try to sleep. The subconscious will bring things up if you are not doing all of your shadow work.  Additionally you will be more receptive to spirit and the messages they are trying to give you.  At night this is an ideal time because you are more accessible to them.  In addition, your body is also realigning to a new body clock.  Your consciousness could also be in other dimensions, i.e. your 3d body is trying to sleep but your 4d body is busy travelling and upgrading.

You may experience hot flushes – this will be because the molecules in your body are realigning themselves; they are moving around faster due to this new higher vibration.  Try not to feel too anxious about this as this will create even more hot flushes.  Meditate more so as to help you keep calm.  Cool yourself down, with cool showers or baths.

You may contract viruses and infections – your immune system is receiving an upgrade. many people get colds and all sorts of infections. Do not worry; this is your body expelling all the rubbish in order to be better balanced within its new 4D state.  This is a time for you to get plenty of rest, eat healthily, drink lots of fluid to allow what needs to exit your body and allow the process to take place as smoothly as possible.  Avoid alcohol and processed food.

Dizziness is another common symptom – this could be due to anxiety. But also you may be phasing in and out of this reality and non-ordinary reality, you are moving into different consciousness and these subtle breaks in consciousness will make you feel dizzy. Try to stay as grounded as possible.  Do grounding exercises and be more mindful of your surroundings.

You will start to look more radiant, as you r vibration rises you will feel a lot better. Your inner light will start to shine more.  You are regenerating and you will feel lighter, you will start to feel healthier and be more prone to eat healthier, exercise and look after yourself more.  As such you will feel more positive emotions hence less stress.  Your energy is flowing at a better rate.  Your chakras will open up, in particular your heart chakra; this will allow you to feel more love of self and others.

Your ears may ring – the fluid in your ear drums is changing and you may feel somewhat off balance at times.  You could experience a gushing noise, a ringing noise or something like a radio signal.  You are vibrating at a different frequency and this will affect your ears in this way.

So in conclusion, make sure you continue to look after your 3D body by staying grounded in 3.  Take walks, be in nature, exercise especially yoga, eat healthily, stay hydrated but drinking lots of water, establish a daily meditation routine.  These physical symptoms will not last, however they may return as you go through different stages of your ascension process.  Do not get disheartened by the physical symptoms, the end results far outweigh them.

Namaste Beautiful Soul


As a spiritual guidance coach/counselor I pride myself in living a life where I practise what I preach, although I am not perfect. I try not to beat myself up when I fall short because there are times that living or being in the human body has its limitations and imperfections. However I NEVER forget that I am a spiritual being living a human existence. As a spiritual being I am powerful, I am amazing, I am divine, I am limitless, I am love, I am abundance, I am all that I want to be, and so are YOU. Why not make these statements your daily affirmations until you really start to feel and believe them to be true.

Sometimes when we go on our journey of healing we go to many seminars, read self-help books and really enjoy what we are hearing and digesting. However, a little while after we may end up back in some of our negative ways of being and living. The reason for this could be that we have digested the information on an intellectual level, we understand it and we agree with it but oftentimes we don’t get it on an emotional level. What I mean is you may understand and agree that you went through some kind of trauma or very challenging situation and recognise how it’s contributed to the way you are today and some of the decisions you have made, but have you dealt with it on an emotional level? When you talk about the said event or situation are you filled with lots of negative emotion? Do you still feel angry, and if you do what else is behind the anger? It could be pain, sadness, shame or even guilt. If you are still feeling strong negative emotions, then unfortunately healing is still yet to take place on an emotional level and maybe even on a psychological level. Some of us are still suffering on an emotional level and hence your emotional intelligence could still be that of a young child. When I entered into rehab as a 38 year old woman, I was informed that my emotional age was that of a 6 year old. I was horrified and realised that I had so much work to do to bring my emotional age up to my biological age.

My message to you is don’t be hard on yourself, give yourself a break, treat yourself with unconditional love, know that you are worthy of help, healing and love. Learning to re-parent yourself is of the utmost importance, this is part of self-love and self-care. Showing yourself much compassion, forgiveness, patience and love as you would a child is what is needed. As you go through this process of healing you will increase your emotional intelligence, you will foster a healthier relationship with yourself and ultimately be able to have healthier relationships with others. As the law of attraction states, you are what you attract. Trust that you are where you are meant to be right now and that you will heal on a deep level when your time is right. If your time is now, then please let’s talk. They say it’s good to talk, and in my experience that is an understatement, it’s more than good, it’s necessary.


I often get my clients to do a gratitude list when they struggle to see what is good in their lives. I remember the time some years ago when I was feeling so miserable with my lot in life and I was advised to start doing a gratitude list every night. I grumbled and thought ‘what’s the point of that, it’s not going to change anything’. However, I felt I had nothing to lose and set about doing my gratitude list. Each night I wrote in my daily journal listing the things I was grateful for in my life, sometimes even repeating the same things. After a couple of weeks something changed, it was amazing. I started to complain a lot less and I began to appreciate life, I became contented. Nothing outside of me really changed, but inside of me did.

That’s the key, inside of me changed. You see, when you find inner contentment and peace your outlook changes. You see the world with new eyes and you thus create a different reality for yourself and that’s a powerful thing. I became more positive and guess what? I started to attract the very things I felt I didn’t have in my life prior to doing the gratitude list. Gratitude is a very powerful virtue to have; in fact, it is the mother of all virtues. This is something I get my clients to do in order to help them see things from a different perspective and realise that the simple things in life, like the smell of a flower, the moon shining at night, a hug from a loved one, a smile from a stranger, are so very special. These things keep us focussed on the present moment and encourage us to appreciate life in all its glory.

So today, why not start your gratitude list and see how it makes a difference in your life. List a minimum of five things each day of the things you are grateful for, shift your focus and see what happens. Let me know how you get on. Love and light to you my beautiful souls.

Is there a link between psychosis and spirituality?

As a holistic practitioner I often found myself deliberating about the above question and believe that there is a link between the two.  I have witnessed people having a spiritual emergency who have then been labelled as having a mental illness.  If not handled properly, delicately and holistically it can develop into an illness such as schizophrenia.

So what is the answer? Psychosis can be described as being in an altered state where you are connecting into the spiritual realm; you may hear voices, see visions and connect with powerful beings which can freak you out.  Your Kundalini energy may start to rise which can often become a spiritual emergency if it happens too quickly and abruptly, often by the use of drugs, sleep deprivation and other factors.  Anyone exhibiting these signs needs urgent assistance.  Seeking counsel from a spiritual healer or counsellor will make a huge amount of difference whereby you can be delicately guided on how you manage with these new awakenings.  Hearing voices and seeing visions simply means you are an intuitive, clairvoyant, psychic whichever word suits; it does not necessarily mean you have a mental illness.  You will need to cleanse your aura so that the voices you hear and your connection to spirit are the positive ones giving you loving and positive messages.  If this is not done, then you are likely to attract the negative entities that do the complete opposite which eventually can turn into schizophrenia.

Not only will your aura need cleansing but you will need guidance on how to use and manage your spiritual gifts. Having these gifts is an honor and it should be treated with respect and only used for the greater good of yourself and others, working in/with the light.  When I first opened up fully to the spirit world I experienced many spiritual phenomena that could have quite easily freaked me out, however, I had spiritual counsellors and I read many books on the subject to gently break me in which enabled me to fully embrace my gifts.  These gifts are not to be feared; unfortunately this is the case in many societies and a label gets attached and eventually treated with medication.  Do not forget that we are spiritual beings living a human existence; as such we are connected to the spirit realm.  The angels, our ancestors, our spirit guides are all available to us; they want to help, guide, protect and support us in our journeys here on planet earth.  Having such gifts and using them in the correct way will lead to transcendental experiences, further transformation and spiritual enlightenment.

For more information:

Psychosis and Spirituality Second Edition Paperback – 28 Sep 2010 – by Isabel Clarke (Editor)

“ The new edition of this successful text builds on the very latest research to present an original and unique exploration of the psychology of both spirituality and psychosis. The editor brings together fascinating perspectives from a broad range of distinguished contributors.

This new edition covers the most recent body of research, both qualitative and quantitative, in its exploration of the interface between psychosis and spirituality, and investigation into anomalous experiences. Ten new chapters added and the remaining text completely updated.  New to this edition is an expanded clinical section, relevant to clinicians working with psychosis.  Offers a fundamental rethink of the concept of psychosis, and proposes new insights into spirituality”


Article in Psychology Today


International Suicide Awareness Day

Today is international suicide awareness day. So I thought I would share on here a little bit about my experience, even though it is in my book Hungry for Love, if you want a signed copy, why not order it here.

Suicide affects many people and it is a growing concern, especially amongst young men. It does affect loved ones, leaving them feeling guilty and utterly distraught.

I survived two suicide attempts, and as I write this, I feel so much compassion for the woman that I once was. I was so deeply unhappy, lost, and fearful of life, love and people. Pretending as much as I could that I was ok, when in reality inside I felt so so empty. Those feelings made me think that I was helpless and unworthy.

It’s hard to accept that someone has ended their life, and sometimes we may judge them for it. But I say this, those that do end their life truly feel there is absolutely no hope, no point in continuing.

Luckily, I survived, it wasnt my time to go. I have done a 360° turn with all the inner work that I have done and continue to do. Finding and living my soul’s purpose.

I share this post in the hope that we connect more on a personal level with our loved ones and even strangers. Take time with each other, show compassion, because you just never know if someone is suffering in silence. We are all connected, no man/woman is an island. The interconnectedness of human beings is a beautiful thing that we must keep alive and authentic.

Reach out to others, smile more, pick up the phone, pay a visit, like how we use to before social media. You may just save a precious life.

Our times are serious right now, this global shift and ascension is proving difficult for some; so let’s continue to be our sister’s/brother’s keeper, because at the end of the day, we are one.