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I remember the days when I used to fear white people. Believe it or not, it is true. I remember when I would silently want to have hair that flowed, just like theirs, I didn’t mind the colour of my skin so much because I wasn’t the darkest out of all my siblings. Yet there […]

A Sad Time For Those Grieving

So many people are passing right now and not just of the coronavirus. We are living in unprecedented times. These wonderful souls have been paving the way for us and now their soul contract and their purpose has been served. May they rest in peace and rise with the ancestors. May we remember their good […]

Having Healthy Boundaries

Many people are waking up to the fact that having healthy boundaries are ever so important.  Being taught how to have healthy boundaries growing up may not have been the case for you.  Your parents or caregivers may not have known what healthy boundaries looked like themselves.  Some of you may have experienced your boundaries […]

Physical Symptoms of the Ascension Process

The awakening and ascension process is filled with many different experiences.  As you go through this process you may worry that you are going crazy, but fear not; everything is as it should be.  In this blog I will talk about the physical symptoms that you may be experiencing throughout this process. You are changing […]