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The Rise of The Sensitive Souls

I see people holding back their tears, I hear people apologising for crying. I overhear people being reprimanded for being too sensitive. I see people ruin their lives through addiction because they struggle to own their feelings. I’ve witnessed children being shut down because their parents can’t handle their own emotions much less nurture their […]


As a spiritual guidance coach/counselor I pride myself in living a life where I practise what I preach, although I am not perfect. I try not to beat myself up when I fall short because there are times that living or being in the human body has its limitations and imperfections. However I NEVER forget […]


I often get my clients to do a gratitude list when they struggle to see what is good in their lives. I remember the time some years ago when I was feeling so miserable with my lot in life and I was advised to start doing a gratitude list every night. I grumbled and thought […]

Is there a link between psychosis and spirituality?

As a holistic practitioner I often found myself deliberating about the above question and believe that there is a link between the two.  I have witnessed people having a spiritual emergency who have then been labelled as having a mental illness.  If not handled properly, delicately and holistically it can develop into an illness such […]

International Suicide Awareness Day

Today is international suicide awareness day. So I thought I would share on here a little bit about my experience, even though it is in my book Hungry for Love, if you want a signed copy, why not order it here. Suicide affects many people and it is a growing concern, especially amongst young men. […]

Letting Go Of Toxic Relationships.

Do you often struggle to leave a toxic relationship? Or even if you have left, you find yourself being drawn back in somehow and you wonder how that happened? This could be a friendship, situationship, family members or romantic partner. You know this relationship is not good for you on some level, especially emotionally, yet […]

The lunar eclipse is bringing in fresh energy

The lunar eclipse is bringing in fresh energy, like drinking fresh clean spring water, clearing and cleansing us from all the old habits and beliefs about ourselves. The energy will guide us to change our stories that we repeatedly recite about ourselves, stories that no longer resonate with our soul. This is now the time […]


So I have just facilitated my second healing meditation workshop which was fantastic, by the way. It focussed on honouring your divinity; this was also aligned with a new moon meditation which reaches us on the 2nd July 2019. This new moon is also in line with a solar eclipse. This energy is bringing in […]

The Power of Meditation

Meditation is an age old practice that has so many benefits, including physical health. It is a time to be still, to connect to our higher consciousness. There is a saying that praying is talking to God and meditation is listening for the answers. Many people rush around on a daily basis without this basic […]

Timely Message at Solar Eclipse

The solar eclipse was a very important time for us here on planet earth. It brought in new light energy to raise the vibration for planet earth and for us too. These energies are helping us ascend into a new dimension where we will be focused more on the heart energy. This is a powerful […]