I always say there are two types of people in this world

Type A
Type B

Very simply, type A are the sensitive souls, the people who will go out of their way to help others, the type that would never intentionally hurt anyone; lovely, generous people.

Type B are the not so sensitive souls, the ones who take take take and do not think much the consequences of their actions and often upset the sensitive souls. Now I am not here to judge type B because they are who they are.
The sensitive souls are the ones that end up in my therapy room, often broken, lacking self-esteem, needing help to overcome their past, the hurts, the pains, the traumas that they have experienced. You see, a sensitive soul feels things on a deeper level; because of their sensitivity they are more affected. They often feel weak because of this, but I am here to tell you, this does not make you weak. You are strong in your own unique way.

A sensitive soul will often suffer from anxiety, social phobia, depression and addiction to name a few. If you are a sensitive soul and this has happened to you then it means you have been trying to cope with all that’s happened to you for far too long. Your mind, body and soul cannot cope anymore with the negative or unhelpful ways that you have been trying to cope. You often seek solace in unhealthy habits in order to mask or overcome your sensitive nature. You do not allow yourself to be authentic, to your own detriment. You often put others before yourself and neglect your own needs and wants. It is time to take affirmative action.

The world needs sensitive souls and the world needs you to heal so that you can shine your light in this darkened world. It’s time that the sensitive souls stand up and claim their rightful place and feel safe in this world that can sometimes feel too harsh for them. By embracing your sensitive nature you can just be and by healing you can ward off and protect yourself from type B and not allow them to treat you in a disrespectful or unloving way. You can learn to have healthy boundaries that protect you. You can start to feel confident, proud and strong. You are a gift to the world and by thus healing from your past you can do amazing things and make this world a better place.

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