So many people are passing right now and not just of the coronavirus. We are living in unprecedented times. These wonderful souls have been paving the way for us and now their soul contract and their purpose has been served.

May they rest in peace and rise with the ancestors. May we remember their good works and what they have done for humanity. Let’s honor and remember them in our prayers and continue to shine our lights to get through these unpredictable yet exciting times ushering the Reawakening of our earth. Let us be encouraged by their strength and the light they leave behind, let us make a commitment to ourselves that we will do our utmost best to make the world a better place by healing old ancestral wounds as well as our own personal wounds.

For it is only by healing that we change our vibration permanently, and our vibrations need to be raised in order that we can survive on this beautiful planet. As she goes through a deep cleansing we are called to go through the same cleansing process too. As a collective we have been crying out for something to shake us up, wake us up, even though we may not have realised it would come in the form of this virus it is important for us to focus on the positive outcomes:

Time to be at one with self
Time to focus on what needs healing
Time to connect with source
Time for real reflection
Time with our loved ones
Time to get real with certain relationships
Time to discover your true purpose
More appreciation for the simple things in life
Time for mother earth to replenish
Time to clean up house, literally and metaphorically
Time to really breath and smell the roses
Less pollution

Please focus on the positives and do not become fearful, fear is such a low vibrating energy and we need to be uplifted in higher vibrations. Remember to love yourself and others more so than ever before. If you have been most unfortunate to have lost a loved one I have written the below poem in the hope that it will bring you comfort:

Dear beautiful soul we thank you for your time you spent here with us on mother earth. We thank you for your gifts you brought that brightened up the lives of those you nursed.

We thank you for your smiles, your laughter and good cheer, we thank you too for your sadness, your grief and your tears. You have given much, sacrificed plenty but you have not left us empty. In fact your presence here has been a cause for celebration and now is the time for your elevation.

As you prepare to return back to source, may you be welcomed with open arms and not by force. Rise up beloved and prepare to meet your ancestors. As you return to what you once were know that you are safe and protected by your creator.

We love you, we will miss you but we will never forget you. Go shine in the sky as a twinkling star because beloved that’s who you are

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