What thoughts and feelings do you conjure up when you think of inner peace? Do you get a warm fuzzy feeling? Do you sometimes think that it is not possible to gain inner peace? With so much going on in the world, so many distractions, stresses, problems and responsibilities it can sometimes feel that it is impossible to attain inner peace. However, I am here to tell you differently that it is absolutely possible and only you can make it happen.

Inner peace is the ability to feel contented, calm and happy even when things outside of you are not so good. Acceptance is the key. When you accept that you cannot really control people, places and things you begin to feel free and liberated; this will enhance your inner peace. When something untoward happens and you do not accept it you may try to control it, you may worry endlessly about it (worry is a very wasted energy) and that will affect your inner peace. Going with the ebb and flow of life is what you need to do rather than fighting against it.
Having inner peace enhances your life in so many ways – a good friend of mines mother died a couple of weeks ago and the way she has dealt with it is remarkable. Yes she is sad that her mother is no longer here, but she accepts death for what it is i.e. passing onto the other side and going home to source energy/creator/god. Our time here on earth is just part of our journey as spirit beings. Because my friend views death in this way she is not allowing the passing of her mother to affect her inner peace. How powerful is that!

Your inner peace may be affected by your past; you may have suffered some terrible traumas, and had some very sad times and been to dark places. This will definitely affect your inner peace; however, you can do something about it. You can deal with your past, explore it, learn the lessons and heal from your past. By doing so and eventually letting go of your past you will begin to find inner peace. You have to do something about it; you cannot just sit in your stuff and expect inner peace to come to you. However, when you do decide to do something you will wonder why you never took action sooner. Inner peace is definitely possible and it is a wonderful feeling to have, it is an amazing way to live your life. If inner peace eludes you please get in touch with me, and let’s talk about how I can help you. I am looking for 10 women to work with over a 3 month period. Over this time your life will be transformed, you will gain inner peace and you will be living your life purpose.

Love and light always

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