You are a divine being and your essence is pure love, I am here to help you create inner peace


End of an era

Although today was the end of an era it was also the beginning of me stepping out on my own two feet (no pun intended) Thanks to @yvonne.j.douglas for being my amazing therapist and spiritual guidance counsellor for the last two years. Thank you for guiding me and helping me be a better version of myself so I can be a better podiatrist and business Owner. I can only give my best when I’m operating and vibrating at highest and my sessions with @yvonne.j.douglas has enabled this. Thanks for helping me claim what’s mine and walk in my authenticity.

I can help you with

Services I can provide for my clients.

  • Free

Free general consultation

initial assessment

This will be one hour where I will gather information on where you are at currently and your past to decipher how we can work together for your highest good.

Cleansing and discovery session

Receive a clearing and cleansing, ridding you of energies that do not belong, leaving you feeling more like your true self and in an equilibrium state.


Yvonne is an amazing inspirational woman who radiates love, light and harmony. She is truly gifted and spiritual and I feel in the presence of greatness which allowed me to open up and dig deep.
I highly recommend working with Yvonne and look forward to engaging with her further.

Sarah-Joanne Ashurst

“I recently had a soul retrieval session with Yvonne and wow just wow, I feel like she has brought me all back together so I can step forward and be my fully empowered self. Before the healing I felt like I was still searching, like something in me wasn’t quite complete and after talking to Yvonne she suggested a soul retrieval session. The session was so relaxing, Yvonne has such beautiful energy and with her words at the end of the healing I knew she was speaking directly to my soul, it was an amazing experience Since the healing 3 weeks ago, I feel more confident, like I’ve found my voice and that its ok to fully honour myself and step forward in what I wish to do in my life. If you’re thinking of working with her don’t doubt it, I can’t recommend her enough.”

Iola C. Williams

“I had a much-needed energy healing session with Yvonne which helped me to shift some things I’d been holding in my body (which was causing me pain).
Yvonne is a great listener, with a warm and nurturing spirit. You can tell that she loves her work and is 100% present and there to guide you.
Yvonne began with what I thought was an informal chat, but this part of the session was just as important to identifying the root issues of my symptoms. During the healing session I could literally feel the energy block moving out of my body which was a little intense but I felt safe in Yvonne’s hands.
Afterwards Yvonne suggested some oils and tinctures to support the healing process. Very grateful [:pray:]
For anyone on this (sometimes lonely) spiritual path, I’d highly recommend Yvonne as a coach for spiritual counsel or healing therapy sessions.”

Christine Andrew

“Yvonne is an amazing inspirational woman who radiates love, light and harmony. She is truly gifted and spiritual and I feel in the presence of greatness which allowed me to open up and dig deep.
I highly recommend working with Yvonne and look forward to engaging with her further.”

How it works?

Simple Steps to True Alignment & Happiness

It all starts with a single first step.

Happiness is the journey, not the destination. We are all on this journey called life together. We have lessons to learn which enables our soul growth. The interconnectedness of us all is the difference – I AM because YOU ARE.

Ready to start?

We are in the midst of a global shift and we are being called upon to heal and make space for our light to shine in the world. You owe it to yourself and humanity.
Make a decision

Being indecisive causes confusion and with confusion you end up going around in circles without a clear path ahead of you. So, what will it be? It is time for clarity and focus, love and light.

Schedule a meeting

I offer a free 20 minute consultation where you will be free to explain where you are at this moment in time and where you would like to be. We will look at the best way forward that is for your highest good always.

Show commitment

This is the time for you to show yourself some love. Making a sold commitment for you to discover the gems that are within you so that you can learn how you can shine your authentic light without apology.

Transformation completed

After working with me for any length of time you will feel transformed, or 'alchemised'. The results achieved are tangible and you will heal and align with your magnificent and beautiful soul, living your purpose.



- helping you to live a fulfilled life and shine your authentic light.

Do you often feel disconnected not just from others but yourself? Do your emotions overwhelm you to the point that you avoid them, distract yourself from them, sometimes using addictive substances and/or behaviours? Do you feel “too sensitive” and afraid to be authentic for fear of judgement? Does your childhood issues and traumas still affect you in the present, stopping you from being truly happy? Do you feel stuck, unable to live a fulfilled life and shine your authentic light? I used to be that way, suffering from depression, taking antidepressants, addiction problems, low self- esteem, feeling disconnected and deeply unhappy. I was living aimlessly in an unhappy marriage, following a career path that just wasn’t for me, until I suffered my second mental breakdown, ended up in rehab and really looked deep within my soul to find all the answers to my unhappiness. My journey of self-discovery and healing has brought me to a place of self- acceptance, unconditional love and able to shine my light with no apology; and following my souls’ purpose of helping others on their healing journey. My name is Yvonne J Douglas and I am The Starseed Alkhemist. Welcome to my website. If what you have read resonates with your soul and you wish to heal, feel connected and whole, be at ease, live an authentic and fulfilled life, require a healthier relationship with yourself and others s then you will find the help you need right here.


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