Although similar to Reiki in that it is channelled energy from source, Sekhem is channelled in a different way and has a much higher vibration, thus making it more powerful, although still quite gentle. Sekhem means the Power of Powers and it is connected with our own empowerment for both healing and spiritual development.
The Sekhem energy is associated with the Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet, the Guardian and Protector of this energy. She is strongly linked with the star Sirius, the brightest star in the sky and, according to myth and legend, was present at the creation of our universe. This Goddess is the Bringer of Destruction and Healing, as she is both the Patroness of War and Healing Sciences, and despite the many myths of destruction, she is also considered to be the Goddess of Regeneration and Healing. Sekhmet destroys that which no longer serves us, breaking down old worn out patterns so that we can build on a new foundation and transform our lives.
Sekhem works to bring balance in all aspects of a person’s being creating harmony on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level; thus supporting the bodies’ own natural healing processes holistically.
During a treatment I will place my hands on various parts of your body and transfer universal energy to aid healing. Sekhem encourages a deep sense of peace and relaxation. Some people experience warmth and tingling sensations as the energy is being moved around the body. The energy comes through in a way most appropriate for each person receiving healing, always for their highest good. The energy is powerful, vibrant and expansive, yet at the same time, compassionate, gentle, feminine and loving. The unconditional love it works with supports and nurtures you whilst helping you to transform.
It assists with stress relief, accelerates healing, shifts stagnant energy, removes emotional blocks, promotes self-awareness, helps to prevent ill health, promotes a positive attitude, and helps to detoxify the body and many other conditions without being intrusive.


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