Slow Down


Mercury in Retrograde is finally over.  I don’t know about you but I found it a tad irritating when it came to working on my laptop.  Slow slow slow. However, sometimes we have to slow down in life in order to take stock and reflect.  Is this something that you do?

Reflection is the ability to look back and analyse and see how, why, when, what if etc.  Reflection is all about learning and growing from our experiences.  We are here to grow and learn not stand still; imagine a baby not growing and learning – hard to imagine that isn’t it?  Life is a continuous journey of growth and development.  Not growing and learning can become very frustrating and standing around in a stagnant state is not good for your soul. When you reflect you give yourself the ability to move forward in life and make necessary changes.

Slowing down also gives you time to just be, time to smell the flowers and reconnect to our inner being.  Never forget that we are a human being and not a human doing.  We can get so caught up in doing; rushing around here there and everywhere.  When this happens we can run out of steam and end up not really taking care of ourselves. We also weaken our connection to source energy.

When you take time out to just be and reflect you are showing yourself love.  You will have the time to do the things that really matter and not get caught up in the trivialities of life.  Try keeping things simple and see how much calmer you feel. Western society is moving at a fast pace, we are bombarded with so much information wherever we go, bill boards, TV, adverts, announcements on public transport.  With such a barrage of external information it is no wonder that we can become bogged down and distracted.  Our soul needs quiet time to rejuvenate.  So take the time to slow down; reflect, meditate and enjoy the just being.

Nourish Your Soul

As a spiritual being we need to nourish our soul. Just as you would feed and nourish your physical body you need to do the same for your soul. It makes absolute sense doesn’t it? How can we possibly exist in harmony, feeling complete without doing so?

Many people do not feed and nourish their soul, for varying reasons:

• They do not know how, because they were never taught
• Some have become wrapped up in addictions
• Due to life experiences, some have developed destructive behaviours and habits
• Society bombards us with messages – many subliminal – that take us away from doing so
• We become too busy because of the way society is structured and somewhat engineered

This is a very sad thing because it means many of us are wondering around as lost souls, disconnected, lonely, sad and depressed. Scrambling around trying to fill an empty hole with everything but what it really needs. By doing so, they will never feel satisfied, full-filled, whole and content. How can you neglect such a major part of who you are and think that you will feel ok? Quite simply, you cannot. You must honour who you are as a spiritual being. How can you do this?

There are many ways that this can be done, and there is no need to feel it is a burden, take it slowly to start off with and ease yourself into living a more spiritually based life where you will start to feel connected, content and fulfilled. Here are some simple suggestions:

Meditation – If you have not meditated before, then start off with just 10 minutes and build up, try guided meditation and never think you are doing it wrong just because you cannot get rid of the constant thoughts; it takes time and practise.

Yoga – a gentle form of exercise that helps you connect to your higher self, great for your posture too.
Read – yes read spiritual books and self-help books on topics such as personal development and self-discovery. There are many books that I can recommend to you, send me an email and I will be more than happy to give you some recommendations.

These are just to get you started; I will give you more suggestions in my next blog so stay connected for updates. Remember, it is important that you take some time out in each day to nourish your soul. Time to nurture and cherish your higher self and watch the magic unfold as your higher-self starts to work at its optimum level.

Love and light always

Nourishing Your Soul Part 2

Last week I spoke about nourishing your soul. How have you been getting on with this? Have you been able to follow some simple guided meditations? I do hope so, meditation is a very powerful tool when practised on a regular basis.

Depending on where you are at on your spiritual journey, you can also try attending healing and/or sacred circles. They consist of a group of women who come together for, not just healing, but empowerment, identification and looking deeper into the spiritual aspects of perhaps, physical ailments and dis-ease. Some circles just celebrate the goddess within each and every one of you. This could be in the form of sacred dances or rituals. I took part in a trance dance last week whereby I danced blindfolded, as did everybody else. We let ourselves go to the beat of the drums and it was a very freeing and liberating time. You allow yourself to be guided by the music and do whatever comes naturally to you without any cares of who may be watching. It’s a very powerful experience; that much I can tell you.

If you are not ready for trance dancing just yet, that is absolutely fine, what I love about life is that everyone is on their own personal journey; at different stages and it is always good to remember and respect that. A simple walk in the park connecting with mother earth and nature are also a great way to nourish your soul. If you live in the city sometimes our energy can become so depleted with stale, air conditioned and stagnant air; the fumes from factories and vehicles and the constant noise as well as the flashing lights of adverts etc can just wreak havoc on our psyche. This is when a call for nature comes in. Fresh air for one to breathe in and relax giving you time to recuperate and ground yourself. I literally hug trees, and yes I was very conscious of doing so when I first started, but now I do so without worrying what other people think of me. Hugging a tree can help give you some much needed energy as I often feel energised straight after. If you are feeling adventurous why not take a trip to the beach, this too is a very relaxing and healing experience, the sea has so much healing properties, even just the sound of it. Connecting with nature can also prove to be very inspiring and may spur you on with your latest or next project.

What makes you tick? What are your talents? Why not find groups that share the same ethos, values and talents as you? This is yet another way that your soul will feel nourished. Surround yourself with kindred spirit, those who are on a journey of self-development also. It’s no good being around nay slayers and people who want to bring you down. Surround yourself with positive people. Have a great week nourishing your soul.

Inner Peace

What thoughts and feelings do you conjure up when you think of inner peace? Do you get a warm fuzzy feeling? Do you sometimes think that it is not possible to gain inner peace? With so much going on in the world, so many distractions, stresses, problems and responsibilities it can sometimes feel that it is impossible to attain inner peace. However, I am here to tell you differently that it is absolutely possible and only you can make it happen.

Inner peace is the ability to feel contented, calm and happy even when things outside of you are not so good. Acceptance is the key. When you accept that you cannot really control people, places and things you begin to feel free and liberated; this will enhance your inner peace. When something untoward happens and you do not accept it you may try to control it, you may worry endlessly about it (worry is a very wasted energy) and that will affect your inner peace. Going with the ebb and flow of life is what you need to do rather than fighting against it.
Having inner peace enhances your life in so many ways – a good friend of mines mother died a couple of weeks ago and the way she has dealt with it is remarkable. Yes she is sad that her mother is no longer here, but she accepts death for what it is i.e. passing onto the other side and going home to source energy/creator/god. Our time here on earth is just part of our journey as spirit beings. Because my friend views death in this way she is not allowing the passing of her mother to affect her inner peace. How powerful is that!

Your inner peace may be affected by your past; you may have suffered some terrible traumas, and had some very sad times and been to dark places. This will definitely affect your inner peace; however, you can do something about it. You can deal with your past, explore it, learn the lessons and heal from your past. By doing so and eventually letting go of your past you will begin to find inner peace. You have to do something about it; you cannot just sit in your stuff and expect inner peace to come to you. However, when you do decide to do something you will wonder why you never took action sooner. Inner peace is definitely possible and it is a wonderful feeling to have, it is an amazing way to live your life. If inner peace eludes you please get in touch with me, and let’s talk about how I can help you. I am looking for 10 women to work with over a 3 month period. Over this time your life will be transformed, you will gain inner peace and you will be living your life purpose.

Love and light always

When you celebrate your birthday

I have just had a birthday and being an ex-Jehovah’s Witness I now celebrate my birthday with much gusto ensuring that I enjoy my earth day to the maximum. Celebrating one’s birthday is not just a time for joyous events but also a time for reflection. When we came to planet earth we came for a reason, our soul had a purpose and I believe this is a good time to really think about our purpose and leaving our legacy. Remembering why we came to planet earth will help us achieve our soul’s purpose; and when you are living your purpose you are living a fulfilled and joyous life.

So my question to you is “What is your soul’s purpose?” Think about when you were a child, what did you want to be? I wanted to be a nurse, and even though I did everything but be a nurse my original ambition to be a nurse has somewhat happened. A nurse helps people heal, offers emotional support, takes care, and nurtures sick people back to recovery. Well, it’s no surprise that my work as a Spiritual healer and coach does just that.

When we exit the womb we have just come from source energy and we often see babies smiling at what seems like nothing, however they are very likely seeing spirit, their guardian angel etc. We also see our children sometimes talking to, what appears to be themselves, however, we can safely say they are probably talking to spirit. At these tender ages we are so connected to source energy that having our original plan/purpose for coming to planet earth is probably very clear in our memories. So when you were a child your childhood dream is probably what your soul purpose is.

If you are living your soul’s purpose, you will find much joy and contentment in your life. You will be so fulfilled in what you do that you will not consider it a job, you will see it as a vocation, you will thrive at it, you will enjoy it, and you will not feel burdened down by it. You will wake up on a Monday morning and feel a sense of true happiness and not dread, as most people feel.

So next time you celebrate your birthday have a joyous time celebrating your arrival on planet earth but take some time out to reflect on your year and where you are at on your soul’s journey. I urge you to follow your childhood dreams; do not take it to the grave with you. Do not live with regrets. When you return to source energy at the end of your current life cycle here on planet earth will you be able to say “Yes I fulfilled my life purpose; yes it is done, Namaste”. If you need help to gain clarity on your life purpose and fulfilling it then I am only a phone call away. My coaching programme will help you not only prepare you for it but helps you achieve it too.

Your Highest Potential

Have you reached yours? Are you at least aiming to reach your highest potential? If not, why not?
So many of us lead a mediocre life, we are seemingly content with doing so. However, if you are anything like me, I wonder if you have a burning desire deep inside of you to reach for the stars. You yearn to achieve greatness yet you do not. As a spiritual being living a human existence it’s no wonder that you yearn for greatness because you are indeed great. You know that you have so much potential, and you want to reach your highest potential, live a limitless life, yet you do not.

Why is this? You may be experiencing blocks, hurt, pain, trauma, all these contributing to you being stuck in a mediocre existence. You look around you and you see others doing great things, people like Iyanla Vanzant, Oprah Winfrey, Deepak Chopra, Louise Hay, Richard Branson, the late Wayne Dyer and so many others and you wish you could be like them. How did they achieve such greatness? They all came from ordinary lives, just like you and I, they all suffered in their earlier years, some terribly. And when I say suffered, I mean suffered things like emotional abuse, sexual abuse, neglect and so on. Yet they have become well known, successful and living a life fulfilling high potential. For them, there is no ceiling, they keep going, and they never give up. They also use their experience to drive them forward and inspire others. They have not allowed their pains and traumas to hold them back, dictate to them who they should be. They have not stayed in the victim mode but continue to strive for greatness.

I myself have come from a background of sexual, emotional, spiritual abuse and neglect, and I am using my experiences to make me stronger, to inspire others and to reach my highest potential. It’s no easy task, but I know deep inside of me that I am destined for greatness, just like you are. We all have great potential, we are all limitless. Use your experiences to make you stronger, to inspire others and to be a beacon of light in this darkened world.

After dealing with my early horrific experiences and becoming the person I am today, I realised why I had to go through them, it was in order for me to learn many life lessons and to be in a position to help you, yes I had to go through them. Without experiencing the bad we cannot fully appreciate the good. I have become well equipped to help others on their journey of reaching the highest potential, the reason why they came to this planet in the first place in order to fulfill their soul’s purpose. So I thank the universe for my experiences and continue to shine my light, live a life of purpose and reach my highest potential, there is no stopping me. You did not come here to live a mediocre life, you came here for a grand purpose, are you ready to reach your highest potential?