Happiness is an Inside Job

work on the inside and let the happiness shine through

Happiness is an inside job. We all know this on an intellectual level. But yet we continue to seek happiness from outside ourselves. We seek it in relationships, addictive behaviours, addictive substances etc. Yes there are many wholesome activities and healthy relationships that can indeed add to our happiness. However, seeking for a fix or for someone to fix us and make us happy is just not going to work. As much as we are all connected we are still an individual with our own uniqueness, this is why it is so important to follow your own path, do what makes you truly happy, pursue your own goals and fulfill your own dreams.

Happiness is a true gift and many seek it and do not find it because they are constantly doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results; yes they are looking for happiness outside of themselves. Instead one needs to look inwards. I have always said that:

The answers are within

this is in fact my strap line. All the answers you need to find true happiness lay within you. Deep within the parts of your consciousness that you may be too scared to tap into. However, when you do, you will find so many answers as to why happiness may be eluding you. Sometimes trauma gets trapped into the limbic system and stays there ruling your life without your knowledge, and yet you wonder why things may not be going well for you. Maybe it is time to clear out that part of your brain and confront any trauma or pain that you are holding onto and let it go. When you love yourself enough to do this you are now aligning your intellect with your emotional side. Emotional maturity is something that many do not possess unfortunately. As an emotional being it is imperative that we embrace and feel our emotions, they are powerful and can unlock many doors. Do you not deserve this?

Everyone deserves happiness, abundance and prosperity. As a divine being it belongs to you. Yes you are living the human experience and with it come pain and challenging lessons, but once we get through all of this we can experience wonderment, enlightenment and remember who we truly are as spiritual beings. Life is a journey for us all, we are at different parts of our journey and as a collective we can help each other on our respective journeys.

As you walk along your path, be prepared for twists, turns and bumps as well as a smooth road from time to time. Have an open mind, this is a very precious thing to have because with it you will learn many new and wonderful things, it will open up your world tenfold and you will receive so many learnings and blessings. In addition, love yourself enough to self-reflect. Do not be scared to really reflect on your life and see where it is taking you or has taken you. By reflecting and giving yourself an honest appraisal you will see where, what, whom you need to change; and do not be afraid to change because change is inevitable and change is constant. Do not allow yourself to stay stuck, be courageous and take action.

Yes you can be truly happy, in fact our spiritual body is innately happy and connecting to that part of you will allow you to feel the true essence of happiness.

Love, light & happiness to you
Yvonne J Douglas

Pain = Awakening

Pain is what causes people to wake up.Humanity is feeling the pain and are awakeningIt's time!

There is a saying that you will get a message firstly in the form of a feather, if you take no notice, you will then get it via a brick and if still you don’t get the message then you will get it in the form of a lorry.  Now getting hit by a brick or a lorry can prove to be very painful, however it will force you to take note and do something.

It’s the same with pain, it forces you to do something. Stand up, take note and take action. I am not just talking about physical pain; it is fairly easy to take action when we feel physical pain, but not so easy with emotional pain is it?

Emotional pain is pandemic among society.  People are walking around full of emotional pain and they do not even realise it.  Why? Because they have life-long habits that numb the pain, things like:

  • Smoking
  • Drug taking
  •  Drinking alcohol
  •  Eating disorders
  • Over- working
  •  Gambling
  •  Over-thinking
  •  Excessive partying
  •  Over-exercising
  •  Sex addiction
  •   Self-harming

Do you do any of the above to avoid emotional pain?  It is very easily done. However by suppressing your pain you stay asleep to really living a fulfilled life.  You are merely existing on a treadmill going nowhere.  As an emotional being it is absolutely imperative that you embrace and express your emotions, good or bad.  Human emotions are very very powerful and they help us connect to our higher selves, to our ancestors, the most high, god, the universe and spirit (whichever term suits you).

Granted society has made it difficult for us in the processed foods, the medications, subliminal messages on TV and adverts, propaganda. But it’s time to see through their veil of lies and ways of numbing us down and controlling us.  There has been a very major ethereal shift happening of late and it has caused a lot of pain for humanity; so many awful things happening around the world which many are now seeing and really feeling.  Although it is not nice, I believe it is a good thing because it is causing humanity to wake up.  People are awakening and realising that there is something very wrong with our existence.  People are recognising that there is much more to life than this.  Yes it a spiritual awakening for many and for many more still to come.

The individual and collective pain we all feel is necessary for change to happen.  It shifts or propels us out of our comfort zones and makes us take some much needed action.  We cannot sit in our pain and expect things to be okay, we have to do something if we want to live a more enlightened, happy and fulfilling life.  So I ask you? How much more pain can you take?

Suppressing emotional pain is detrimental to you; it causes physical ailments as well as mental illness.  As a holistic being looking after your physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual self is imperative.  So my mantra to you is

Feel the pain, embrace the pain, deal with it and then let it go. Awaken to life and its infinite possibilities. Namastu.


Setting Intentions

Set Your Intentions and Trust the Universe

I am having a very quiet and reflective moment.  Full moon and new moon forthcoming and I am very much in sync with it.  It’s a great time for setting intentions.  With the current world climate it’s a must.  So what are your intentions for the coming weeks and months?

In order to set an intention you need to really focus on what it is you want and need in your life right now.  You may not get what you want immediately but you will get what you need.  So go ahead and set those intentions now.

Here is a list of things you may need at this present moment:

Self-love – taking care of yourself and your needs not just on a physical level, but on an emotional level too.  What do you need to do for yourself literally?  Could it be to give yourself more “me time”; time for nurturing, time to be alone, time to have some fun. It could even be time to invest in some much needed personal development or healing.  Have you been neglecting your needs?  It can be easily done, especially if your needs were not met as a child you may continue in this learned behaviour of not caring for yourself on a deeper level because it’s all you know, it is what you feel comfortable with.  If so, set the intention to start taking care of all your needs.

Inner peace – you may find this difficult to attain.  However, it is definitely possible; meditation is a key factor that can help you gain inner peace.  Finding that inner space within you where nothing outside of you can affect you.  Tapping into that space is sheer bliss, give it a go and find that inner peace.  Again, you may need to also work on healing the wounds of the past that stop you from tapping into the precious space where inner peace exists.

Achieve a specific goal – If you have a goal you want to achieve, you will need to set the intention for this.  Writing out your goal is the best way, give yourself a deadline of when you want the goal to be achieved, also write out the small steps that you need to take to achieve this goal.  The steps could be daily, weekly or monthly depending on the size of your goal.  Write the goal in this way:

It is now September 7th 2016 and I have written the first chapter for my new book.

Writing it in this way brings the goal alive and you have told the universe that it is done, you have spoken it and it will be done.  You are more likely to achieve your goal if you write it in this way.

Abundance – if you want to manifest more abundance in your life, set the intention.  Ask the universe/god/most high/creator to help you manifest abundance.  This will help you work on the areas of your life that may be blocking abundance from coming your way.  Remember as a divine being abundance is yours, it is your birth-right.  So many people do not receive abundance because they have emotional blocks that stop the flow.  Again, what healing might you need to remove those blocks in order to allow the universal flow of abundance into your life?

Living your purpose – If you are struggling to find or live your purpose but know deep down you are not happy with the way things are at the moment then set the intention that you can and will be living your purpose.  Everyone has a purpose or calling. Imagine how fulfilled you will feel living your purpose, using your unique talents to help make this world a better place.  Remember, your purpose is just as important as everyone else’s.  Start visualising what your life will be like with you living your purpose.

I hope this list has given you an idea of the sort of things you can set your intentions for.  You could even set intentions for a family matter, health issues, anything you want changing in your life.  When you have written out all your intentions, light a candle and put the paper underneath the candle then pray and meditate on these at the time of the new moon.  Really feel the power of the universe working with you to bring your intentions into fruition.  I wish you much success with your intentions and if you need any help with the above then please do get in touch.  Remember for the month of July I am doing energy healing sessions at a discounted price – 30% off.

Love and Light to you.





Please listen to this song as you read the blog.

I have been inspired to write this blog after hearing a talk about the value of time.  Time is precious; more precious than money.  You can always make more money but you can never get your time back. I always say; its time or money; they are both necessary commodities.  Time is a gift.

So how do you use your gift?  Do you use it wisely or do you squander this precious commodity?  We all get 24 hours in each day.  Do you waste a lot of your time doing meaningless things, being dis-organised and distracted from reaching your goals?

To be a person of purpose you need to be organised, set goals, be on purpose and develop your natural given gifts.  You are here for a purpose and the world needs you to be at your best.   Here are a few tips of how you can use your time wisely:

Focus on positive things

Take time out to develop your gifts and talents

Personal development should be a priority

Read books that expand your mind

Spend time in the company of positive people who are genuine and moving forward

Take time out for relaxation of mind, body and soul

When considering an activity ask yourself,” how will this benefit me”?

Don’t allow yourself to be distracted with trivial things

Set yourself goals, write them down and give yourself a deadline

Meditate for at least 10 minutes a day

Have fun

Focus on the lessons of any given situation

So let’s use our time wisely and make a difference.  See the miracles happen.  Love & Light



I attended a mindfulness workshop at the weekend and I had such a good time I just wanted to share some of my experience with you. It took place in the beautiful Buddhapapdipa Temple in Wimbledon. The grounds were beautiful surrounded by nature and a lovely lake. What better place to spend the day.
Mindfulness means:

a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations.

At the workshop we spoke about mindfulness, spirituality, dharma, Buddhism, meditation, all connected to mindfulness. I meditated whilst walking, standing still, lying down and while doing one of my favourite things, hugging a tree. Whilst hugging the tree I felt the exchange of energy quite profoundly, it was a great sensation; feeling at one with nature. As I walked and meditated I slowed my pace right down and noticed things I wouldn’t normally. What really excited me was the way the sun shone on the lake, it was a beautiful sight. I wanted to get my phone out and share it with everyone; however I refrained from doing so because it was during the time of silent meditation. Yes, we had 1 hour 15 minutes to be completely silent and I felt that taking the phone out would interrupt this. In fact the whole time I was there I did not take my phone out. Now that was a freeing experience, to not be disturbed or distracted by technology for 5 whole hours.

I am contemplating going on a 3 or 6 day silent retreat. This will be very challenging but I feel it would help me in many ways. Not just with my work of helping you gain inner peace but helping me grow and develop my spiritual gifts. You see, meditation is very powerful and for me, it allows me to travel on the astral plane and receive great messages and affording me even more inner peace.

I actually incorporate Mindfulness into my therapy with clients as I notice that many people are so detached from their feelings and will do all sorts of things to avoid them. However, as emotional beings we will have feelings and emotions and learning to embrace, accept and deal with them is so important for our mental health, well-being and spiritual awakening.

So how can mindfulness help you? Well it encourages you to slow down and be more aware. Being aware of how you feel on an emotional and physical level, your surroundings, your thoughts, the messages you say to yourself are all important factors to be aware of. To be aware of how you eat too can be very beneficial. Do you eat quickly not giving your brain enough time to register that you have eaten? Try taking the time to eat a piece of fruit, be aware of its texture, its taste, its juiciness and how it feels on your tongue, how it feels when you swallow it and how your stomach welcomes it, or not, as the case may be.

If you suffer from anxiety, mindfulness will definitely help alleviate that. When you get an attack, focus on what is happening in your body, how does your stomach feel? Do your palms sweat? What thoughts are you thinking, and are the thoughts rushing around like a washing machine? Once you focus in you can then start to slow yourself down by breathing slowly and deeply and get into a meditative state. Analyse the effects as you start to slow down and see how much calmer you feel.

These are just a few tips on how mindfulness can help you and I would highly recommend it. I hope you have enjoyed reading about my experiences at the weekend, please feel free to share. If you would like to join the mindfulness group here are the details: www.meditationcircle.co.uk Have a
wonderful week ahead.

Love and light

Are you being honest?

To be honest means to be truthful, sincere; able to be trusted, loyal and fair. If you display honesty it shows a good moral character that is positive and full of integrity, someone who is transparent and authentic.

With that in mind, are you an honest person? If so, to what degree? It’s a good question to ask oneself because I am sure we would all like to consider ourselves to be honest but upon closer reflection how honest are you? But what is more important is HOW HONEST WITH YOURSELF ARE YOU? This question is vital. Ponder on it for a while.

Many people wear a mask that they show to the world – this makes me think of the song Tears of a Clown:

“… if there’s a smile on my face, it’s only there trying to fool the public… but when it comes down to fooling you, now honey that’s quite a different subject. But don’t let my glad expression give you the wrong impression really I’m sad, oh I’m sadder than sad …..”

Considering the above, how often do you go around with a smile on your face when deep inside you are feeling sad. I remember the days when I use to deal with difficult and sad situations by joking around and laughing. It worked a treat and stopped me from dealing with my negative emotions. I became so good at it that I became an amateur comedienne (and I was good at it too). However, after time the negative emotions continued to build up inside until they had the chance to explode once I entered into rehab and my drug of choice (food) was taken away from me.

Hiding behind a mask is the most dishonest thing you can do to yourself. You are lying to yourself and not allowing yourself to be YOU, to be AUTHENTIC. Do you know how tiring it is to pretend?

Oftentimes people fear being judged for being real and showing their true selves, they feel that people will prefer them to be a certain way, when actually people prefer realness. I know that when I come across people who are not being authentic it irritates me but I also feel very sad for them. How awful it must be to be so fearful of not being real and true to who you are. It causes depression and much more.

So I implore you to be honest with yourself, stop hiding behind the mask. Lift the veil and embrace you, be integral and sincere. People will love to see the real you because it makes them feel so much more comfortable around you. In addition you will display lots of positive vibes and the added qualities that go alongside behind honest such as loyalty and sincerity. So I ask you now will the real YOU please stand up!

Love and Light xx

What it means to be Divine

Divine Being

As a divine being, that is what you are – you are love. This means that you are deserving of love. You are a manifestation of the divine source and deserve all the wonderful things that the universe has to offer.

If your life is not showing this it means that you have not accepted your divinity in its fullest form. Do you love yourself enough to treat your body as a temple? Do you treat yourself with tender loving care? Do you allow others to treat you disrespectfully, unfairly or abuse you? Yes, people will try but you have the power to not allow or accept it. Are you able to stand up for yourself and say enough is enough? Can you stand in your power and command respect and fairness? Have you embraced and can you harness your divine power?

By the mere fact that you were born you are divine. Do not ever forget that. Even though you may feel that you have had a rough deal thus far; you may have had much suffering in your life. That does not mean you have to and will continue to suffer. We all have our unique journeys and your own path will be filled with pains which I like to call growing pains. As you grow, you learn and you become stronger, you awaken and your vibration raises day by day. When your vibration is of a high frequency you will attract the best that life has to offer. We do live in an abundant universe and in order to receive this abundance your vibration has to be high, you have to stop coming from a place of lack. Focus on the good, focus on what you do have, show gratitude and you will receive because you are divine.

As a divine being you are limitless, you can achieve whatever it is you put your mind to. You have infinite power and once you tap into it you can create. You are a creator! Tapping into your divinity will allow you to realise your highest potential. Are you plugged into your infinite power? Below is a short list of some of the simple things you can do to help you raise your vibration and tap into your divine power.

1. Do a gratitude list every day
2. Meditate daily
3. Deal with and heal from your past
4. Surround yourself with positive activities and people
5. Focus on the good
6. Treat yourself with tender loving care

It is time for you to manifest, time to create and time to receive. You are divine!

Kundalini Yoga

kundalini (2)

I remember the first time I tried this type of yoga. It was exhilarating and freeing. I had lapsed on my regular routine. However, I took the time out to do it yesterday and oh what an experience. My soul had been longing for it. Not only was it exhilarating and freeing, it felt quite mind blowing.

Throughout the day I was continually drinking water, more than my normal amount for the day and I was wondering why am I so thirsty. Then it dawned on me; the yoga exercise is also very detoxifying. Some of the moves help you to release toxins out of your body. In addition some release natural medicines in the body. For the physical benefits alone, I would highly recommend you try Kundalini Yoga .
What is Kundalini Yoga ?

It is an elevating combination of spiritual and physical practices; Kundalini Yoga integrates vibrant breathing techniques, meditation, movement and the chanting of mantras, such as Sat Nam, which means truth is my name. The goal of Kundalini Yoga is to build physical vitality and increase consciousness. These practices enable you to merge with your higher self, your innate wisdom which helps you to tap into all the answers within and reach your highest potential. This merging of individual consciousness with universal consciousness creates a divine union.

It is a very powerful energy contained in each and every one of us, and for some people once awoken can be an extremely potent experience assisting with transformation and personal development. Kundalini Yoga stimulates individual growth through systematic techniques that strengthen the nervous system and balance the glandular system (the guardians of health), for increased stability and vitality. This energy is symbolised by the snake going through the back of our spine. This is a similar symbol used in many health institutions, which denotes the healing power of the Kundalini energy. It helps to balance mind, body and soul.

So if you have never tried it before, I recommend you do, and if you have, continue to enjoy the wonderful experience.

Love and light

Muhammad Ali






Muhammad Ali – may he rest in eternal peace.  What a man!  What words come to your mind as you remember him?  Great, greatest, hero, legend, activist, courageous, determined, warrior, fighter the list goes on.

Muhammad Ali lived his life purpose and he will be remembered for a very long time.  We all have a purpose; this is something I talk about a lot.  However, have you ever thought about what your legacy will be?  How will people remember you?  The whole world may not remember you as they remember Ali, but those that know you, those that will attend your funeral, what words will they use to describe you?  What words would you want them to use?  How do you want to be remembered?

I know nobody wants to think of their funeral as we do not want to tempt fate, this is not the purpose of this blog, but these thought provoking questions are to help you really reflect on your life and how you are living it.  These questions will help you to really think about whether you are living your life purpose and to seriously think about your legacy.  No matter who you are, you leave a legacy.  Why not leave a great legacy behind.  You do this by stepping into your power and living your soul’s purpose.

It has been a very long time that I have not quoted Marianne Williamson’s words, which I quote on my website:  Check them out here. Now is the time to act, now is the time to be really inspired into action as you celebrate the life and times of the Great Muhammad Ali.  Follow in his footsteps, be courageous, be brilliant and stand for what you believe in, live your purpose with no apology and leave your legacy.

Are you a sensitive soul?

I always say there are two types of people in this world

Type A
Type B

Very simply, type A are the sensitive souls, the people who will go out of their way to help others, the type that would never intentionally hurt anyone; lovely, generous people.

Type B are the not so sensitive souls, the ones who take take take and do not think much the consequences of their actions and often upset the sensitive souls. Now I am not here to judge type B because they are who they are.
The sensitive souls are the ones that end up in my therapy room, often broken, lacking self-esteem, needing help to overcome their past, the hurts, the pains, the traumas that they have experienced. You see, a sensitive soul feels things on a deeper level; because of their sensitivity they are more affected. They often feel weak because of this, but I am here to tell you, this does not make you weak. You are strong in your own unique way.

A sensitive soul will often suffer from anxiety, social phobia, depression and addiction to name a few. If you are a sensitive soul and this has happened to you then it means you have been trying to cope with all that’s happened to you for far too long. Your mind, body and soul cannot cope anymore with the negative or unhelpful ways that you have been trying to cope. You often seek solace in unhealthy habits in order to mask or overcome your sensitive nature. You do not allow yourself to be authentic, to your own detriment. You often put others before yourself and neglect your own needs and wants. It is time to take affirmative action.

The world needs sensitive souls and the world needs you to heal so that you can shine your light in this darkened world. It’s time that the sensitive souls stand up and claim their rightful place and feel safe in this world that can sometimes feel too harsh for them. By embracing your sensitive nature you can just be and by healing you can ward off and protect yourself from type B and not allow them to treat you in a disrespectful or unloving way. You can learn to have healthy boundaries that protect you. You can start to feel confident, proud and strong. You are a gift to the world and by thus healing from your past you can do amazing things and make this world a better place.