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Happiness is an Inside Job

Happiness is an inside job. We all know this on an intellectual level. But yet we continue to seek happiness from outside ourselves. We seek it in relationships, addictive behaviours, addictive substances etc. Yes there are many wholesome activities and healthy relationships that can indeed add to our happiness. However, seeking for a fix or […]

Pain = Awakening

There is a saying that you will get a message firstly in the form of a feather, if you take no notice, you will then get it via a brick and if still you don’t get the message then you will get it in the form of a lorry.  Now getting hit by a brick […]

Setting Intentions

I am having a very quiet and reflective moment.  Full moon and new moon forthcoming and I am very much in sync with it.  It’s a great time for setting intentions.  With the current world climate it’s a must.  So what are your intentions for the coming weeks and months? In order to set an […]


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KyW9dCJxwGY Please listen to this song as you read the blog. I have been inspired to write this blog after hearing a talk about the value of time.  Time is precious; more precious than money.  You can always make more money but you can never get your time back. I always say; its time or […]


I attended a mindfulness workshop at the weekend and I had such a good time I just wanted to share some of my experience with you. It took place in the beautiful Buddhapapdipa Temple in Wimbledon. The grounds were beautiful surrounded by nature and a lovely lake. What better place to spend the day. Mindfulness […]

Are you being honest?

To be honest means to be truthful, sincere; able to be trusted, loyal and fair. If you display honesty it shows a good moral character that is positive and full of integrity, someone who is transparent and authentic. With that in mind, are you an honest person? If so, to what degree? It’s a good […]

What it means to be Divine

As a divine being, that is what you are – you are love. This means that you are deserving of love. You are a manifestation of the divine source and deserve all the wonderful things that the universe has to offer. If your life is not showing this it means that you have not accepted […]

Kundalini Yoga

I remember the first time I tried this type of yoga. It was exhilarating and freeing. I had lapsed on my regular routine. However, I took the time out to do it yesterday and oh what an experience. My soul had been longing for it. Not only was it exhilarating and freeing, it felt quite […]

Muhammad Ali

        Muhammad Ali – may he rest in eternal peace.  What a man!  What words come to your mind as you remember him?  Great, greatest, hero, legend, activist, courageous, determined, warrior, fighter the list goes on. Muhammad Ali lived his life purpose and he will be remembered for a very long time.  […]

Are you a sensitive soul?

I always say there are two types of people in this world Type A Type B Very simply, type A are the sensitive souls, the people who will go out of their way to help others, the type that would never intentionally hurt anyone; lovely, generous people. Type B are the not so sensitive souls, […]