If you are emotionally blocked

you cannot be completely spiritually enlightened

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Are you frustrated, demotivated and unsure about your path?

Are your relationships fraught or

are you just unlucky in love?


Helping you to live a fulfilled life and shine your authentic light.

Do you often feel disconnected not just from others but yourself? Do your emotions overwhelm you to the point that you avoid them, distract yourself from them, sometimes using addictive substances and/or behaviours? Do you feel “too sensitive” and afraid to be authentic for fear of judgement? Does your childhood issues and traumas still affect you in the present, stopping you from being truly happy? Do you feel stuck, unable to live a fulfilled life and shine your authentic light?

I used to be that way, suffering from depression, taking antidepressants, addiction problems, low self- esteem, feeling disconnected and deeply unhappy. I was living aimlessly in an unhappy marriage, following a career path that just wasn’t for me, until I suffered my second mental breakdown, ended up in rehab and really looked deep within my soul to find all the answers to my unhappiness. My journey of self-discovery and healing has brought me to a place of self- acceptance, unconditional love and able to shine my light with no apology; and following my souls’ purpose of helping others on their healing journey.

My name is Yvonne J Douglas and I am The Starseed Alkhemist. Welcome to my website. If what you have read resonates with your soul and you wish to heal, feel connected and whole, be at ease, live an authentic and fulfilled life, require a healthier relationship with yourself and others s then you will find the help you need right here.


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